25 DIY Cat Tree Ideas_ Homemade Cat Tree Projects

25 DIY Cat Tree Ideas: Homemade Cat Tree Projects

Have you been looking for the best way to build a cat tree but couldn’t find the right DIY project? We have got you covered. Our selections are based on a whole lot of important factors. From easy to hard

DIY Cat Hammocks

25 DIY Cat Hammocks: How To Make A Cat Bed Hammock

Ever considered making a hammock for your cat? Well, cats need love too. Research has shown that most cats love hammocks because of the warm and soft environment it provides them to relax and sleep. If anyone ever told you

DIY Cat Bed

25 Ways To Make A DIY Cat Bed From Home

Just like humans, cats also deserve to feel the comfort of a bed. Yes, they can sleep in your bed, but it is a whole lot cooler when you make a special bed for them. In this article, we have

DIY Cat Litter Box

25 DIY Cat Litter Box Plans You Can Diy Easily

Do you have a cat or planning to get one? That means you will need a cat litter box. In this article, you will learn and follow different tutorials on how to DIY a ccat litter box or how to

DIY Cat Wheel Plans

16 DIY Cat Wheel Plans And How To Make From Home

Are you looking for a proper way for your cat to exercise without leaving the house? These 16 DIY cat wheels are perfect for you. However, you would have to pick one project to make. Cats are very amazing creatures

DIY Cat Fountain Plans

14 DIY Cat Fountain Plans To Make For Your Kitty

Did you know a cat can be very suspicious and picky when it comes to drinking water? How would you feel when your cat left the water in the bowl untouched and started running after tap or bathwater? Not so


18 DIY Cat Shelves To Build For Your Furry Friend

This article is geared towards cat lovers. We have compiled a list of 18 DIY cat shelves that you can build for your cat in your home. You can decide to make it minimal or go overboard, the choice is


15 Easy DIY Cat House Ideas Worth Your Consideration

There are too many ways to settle your quest for a DIY cat house. Limitless design can give a headache on the right choice. Why not try our shortened list of feral house ideas without cutting the pocket? Just keep


15 DIY Cat Door Ideas to Idealize at Home

Indoor passing route helps the cat to have its meal with relaxation, from nosy dogs. And the tiny entrance can provide an emergency escape for the feline. Apart from expensive readymade cat doors, you can implement some peculiar DIY cat