10 Easy DIY Tutorials for a Drafting Table

Drafting tables are one of the essential equipment for major creative works mainly used by architects, designers, engineers, and artists. Before a building or work of art comes to life, it is almost certain that you start its creation process from a drafting table. This is not surprising, for many professionals, a drafting table serves as a stable workspace for drawing or looking at building plans, prototypes, models, etc.

An essential feature of a drafting table is that it should be adjustable both in height and have the ability to incline/recline its position. For example, you may want to stand or sit during the drafting process; therefore, a good drafting table must be adjustable, but there can be exceptions to this rule.

Indeed, many quality drafting tables can be found on the market, and you may have been considering getting yourself one but got discouraged, seeing as they are quite expensive. But did you know that with just a few bucks, a short amount of [dedicated] time, and the right building plans, you could build yourself a drafting table that’s good enough for your work?

Within this article, you would find ten simple DIY tutorials that will accurately show you how to build yourself a suitable drafting table; you can find them below.

1.DIY Adjustable Drafting Table made from Desktops

diy adjustable drafting table

This is a drafting table that was designed mainly to help with storage and also act as a multipurpose workstation for all kinds of work like fabric-cutting, drawing, or paper-craft. If you have limited space in your workshop or home office, this will work well because the designer created it to allow an adjustable angle.

For this tutorial, the designer uses a flat desktop surface (they suggest a second-hand table or solid core door) saw, electric drill, metal file, one-way hinges, saw, and other materials listed within the tutorial.

The written tutorial has full instructional steps with dimensions and some pictures for extra help. This drafting table helps you save a lot of money since you would be mainly using scrap or pre-owned items.

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2.$50 DIY Drafting Table

DIY Drafting Table

This is a 5-stepped written tutorial that was based on a modification of an old design. This drafting table shouldn’t be too difficult to make because the designer isn’t a skilled carpenter, so it shouldn’t be that complex to DIY, especially if you don’t have professional carpentry skills.

In total, the designer spent about $52, making this table which is way cheaper than you would get a new drafting table. His building materials include a 3 x 4 thick slab of MDF, some hinges, collapsible table legs, scrap wood, drill and drill bits, circular saw, screwdriver, etc.

For a full list of materials, you can look in the tutorial. His simple and straightforward tutorial features a lot of clear pictures for a better understanding of the plan.

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3.Basic DIY Drafting Table

According to this designer, in as short as one hour, you can have a functioning drafting table built by yourself – provided you already have your materials on the ground. For this design, you would need a drawing surface, vinyl mat, double-sided tape, hinge, adjustable hardware, and file cabinets.

In this simple written tutorial, you would find that this is just a basic drafting table, and it’s mainly for design professionals who haven’t ever built a drafting table. The instructions are clear and easy to follow; it also shows you how to use items you have prepared, such as the vinyl mat.

The tutorial has a few tips and warnings that you may want to take a look at before you begin your design.

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4.DIY Hardwood Drafting Table

DIY Hardwood Drafting Table

This drafting table was built with a modern lifestyle in mind. The designer needed a drafting table that wouldn’t be too big for portability, or one that can be adjustable to avoid sore necks and backs while working. He went ahead to design this all-purpose drafting table that didn’t need to be dismantled to be adjusted.

It has pictures of its original plan and all the modifications involved. In place of usual plywood, this designer makes use of Tallowwood, a sturdy type of hardwood. The table-top was made using an old hall floor that was initially a basketball court.

Within the tutorial, the designer gives a detailed explanation of how he created this table, and you can follow the instructions to recreate yours.

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5.Traditional DIY Drafting Table

This DIY tutorial is for a traditional and elegant drafting table model. This table is made from maple wood and, according to the designer, works excellent. To cut up the intricate templates for the design, he made use of a router, so you may want to get one handy before you begin.

In his tutorial, he takes you through a step-by-step process of creating this table. You would need varying sizes of plywood, some clamps, a drill, sander, circular saw, pencil, and other necessary tools.

The video tutorial is a little bit lengthy, but it is worth your time and would help you to build yours accurately to get similar results.

6.Cheap DIY Drafting Table

This DIY drafting table is made from cheap material that shouldn’t cost more than a few dollars. In the video, the designer explicitly shows you how to create your drawing and drafting table. It also comes with a link to the drawing table and a list of other details in the description box.

For this design, you would need carriage bolts of different sizes, hex bolts, washers with hole, lock nuts, wing nuts, corner brackets, screw, power drill, flat bars, jigsaws, varying sizes of plywood and a few others. You can find the dimensions for the design within the video and follow the instructions as the tutorial goes on.

7.DIY Hideaway Drafting Table

DIY Hideaway Drafting Table

Unlike the usual types of drafting tables with legs that stand firmly on the ground, this DIY table is designed to be installed anywhere. It can be installed on the wall or even over an existing desk. When you are done using it, you can hide it away till you are ready to use it next time.

This written tutorial has seven steps and has pictures for quicker understanding. You would need hammers, screwdrivers, circular saw and Japanese styled handsaw, four-foot level, tape measure, extension cord, plywood, screws, paint, cleats, latches, or chain rope, among others.

The steps include instructions on how to build the frame, some shelves, install hinges, fashion out the desk surface, mount the table on the wall, attach the latches and then personalize it to suit your preferences.

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8.DIY Floating Drafting Table

This table is designed mainly for builders and artists, but we believe other creative constructors can also use it too. It is a floating table suitable for workshops with large spaces, such as art studios. Because it is a ‘floating’ table, it doesn’t have legs which it sits on.

You would need a large plywood board and a strong pillar which the board can be attached to. In this video tutorial, the designer attached his plyboard to a thick pillar in the centre of his workshop.

This drafting table may not be suitable for small workspaces because it would quickly get in the way, as it cannot be moved, adjusted, dismantled, or hidden away.

9.DIY Wall Mounted Drafting Table

You can find the building plans for this design embedded in the description box of this video tutorial. Just like a hideaway drafting table and floating drafting table, this table design is not built to sit on table legs. Instead, it is propped up a wall and attached to the wall for support.

As usual, you would need a plywood sheet, clamps, drills, screwdrivers, pencils, saws, and other necessary materials. From beginning to finishing, the instructor guides you through the video tutorial in clear and understandable terms. You need to, however, note that this drafting table is not adjustable.

10.Dan’s DIY Fold-a-way Drafting Table

Fold-a-way Drafting Table

This is also a good drafting table that helps to save space. The designer built this table to fit a limited office or shop space. It can be folded down and kept out of the way when not in use. Its simplistic and practical design also makes it a good option for you if you’re big on minimizing space.

The design is built to be mounted up on the wall and is only about 4 inches wide when you fold it up. The written tutorial can be found here.

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Whether you have enough room or just a tiny work area, you can find a suitable DIY drafting table to match your needs. All you need to do is look through these tutorials that have been handpicked for you until you find one that is good enough for you. None of these tutorials are complex or complicated, and you can quickly get around to making yours if you follow them carefully. Drafting Tables are one of the most straightforward DIY equipment to make and do not require serious professional skills.

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