How to Clean and Maintain Dyson V10 Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner

How to Clean and Maintain Dyson

Cordless vacuum cleaners are the latest innovation in cleaning technology. They are lightweight and easy to handle. Also, they give you freedom from cords and the annoyance of plugging and de-plugging every time you use it.

There are various models of cordless vacuum cleaners offering levels of cleaning and performance. One such popular and powerful model is the Dyson V10 Cyclone. It is a powerful machine with cyclone suction technology that can suck up even the minutest and most stubborn dust particles.

However, the Dyson V10 cyclone has a heavy price tag attached. Therefore, regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial to ensure that the machine functions at an optimal level and lasts longer.

Here are some tips for cleaning and maintaining your Dyson V10 Cyclone vacuum cleaner:-

Warning Lights

Dyson V10 Cyclone vacuum cleaner has warning lights to help you diagnose any potential problems. The lights are indicative of filter problems and blockage problems. There are three main areas that warrant attention to maintain your device effectively.

Firstly, the bin where dust and debris accumulates needs to be emptied and cleaned. Secondly, one needs to check for blockages, if any. Finally, the filter needs to be cleaned from time to time.

Cleaning the Blockage

The first thing you need to check while checking for blockages is the wand. Remove the wand and all the other tools from the vacuum. Remember to check both ends of the wand for blockages and remove as necessary. Clean the brush bar and check the neck of the cleaning head.  If the blockage light is still on, then there is probably a blockage in the bin inlet, and you need to empty and clean the bin properly.

Cleaning the Filter

Remove the filter from the device, clean, and wash it thoroughly with cold water. Do not use warm water or any detergent, cleanser, or polish as it may damage the filter. Place the filter under running water and let all the dirt and dust particles wash away. Once the water is running through clearly, remove the filter and let it dry.

Again, let the filter dry completely before you put it back on as moisture residue may cause a short circuit. It takes a good few hours for the filter to completely dry. Place the filter back on by turning it clockwise. Wait for the click sound. If the light is still on even after cleaning the filter, then there is probably a problem with the filter itself, and needs to be replaced.

For details on cleaning the filter, refer to a renowned guide online such as

Empty the Bin

An essential part of the cleaning and maintenance of Dyson V10 is clearing the bin where the dust and debris accumulate. Take note of the ‘Max’ mark. It indicates that the bin is full and needs to be emptied right away. Never use the device without emptying the bin as it may cause the dirt to be sucked, thereby causing damage to the filter.

Dyson V10 Cyclone is a significant investment, and therefore, it is up to you to keep it clean and well-maintained to ensure the device functions at an optimal level and lasts for a long time.




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