36 Fabulous Two Tone Kitchen Cabinet Ideas To Bring Colour In Your Life

Which one of you is considering a change at the cabinets of your kitchen? Many of us are certainly getting tired of the same colors and patterns. Is there a way to make them matchless and trendy at the same time?

Of course, there is, by using different colors between the cabinets! Two-tone kitchen cabinet ideas vary and they are a distinctive proposal of designing to create a one-of-a-kind kitchen. Match colors and play with backlashes and materials to obtain a memorable place to cook and eat!

Two Tone Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

1. Navy Is Wavy

Welcome the coastal decor in your kitchen by painting the bottom cabinets in navy blue. White is a neutral color that can be matched with a lot of different paints, and the golden handles are an elegant twist to step out of the ordinary!

2. The Assistance Of The Floor

Source: houzz.com

As white can be matched with almost everything, light green at the bottom cabinets can express a smooth feeling. The floor tiles with shades of green, beige, and white become the uniting point of the two colors.

3. Trip To Morocco

When you own only one level of cabinets, you are not limited in solutions. Match white and wood, and to bring this extraordinary element, install tiles and flooring in Marrakesh white and blue patterns. Just use your imagination!

4. Black And White Realness

Black and white is a timeless combination of coloring. There is a playful modern tone in this kitchen, where the island and the bottom cabinets are black with white countertops, while the upper cabinets are white but framed in black.

5. The Unity Of Gold

A wonderful airy kitchen with white and blue cabinets. The darker blue tone on the right cabinets breaks the monotony while the left white cabinets bring more light in with the assistance of the window. They come together with the golden details.

6. Unexpected Focus Point

This particular analogy is breathtaking. Brown wooden cabinets on the one side, white on the other, both with marble countertops. The item which makes this image complete is the large wooden range hood which is connected to the color of the island cabinets.

7. Put It In Frame

There is no starting point in a kitchen with so many elements. The decoration is focused on the “frame” philosophy, even on the curtains and the range hood. Different, but well tied together upper and bottom two-tone cabinets, with navy blue, white, and brown as key features.

8. The Neutral Metallic

A mixture of materials can be quite revealing. The two-tone feature is being expressed here with the white bottom cabinets and the metal-glass ones above. The grey on the island and the vent department is what connects those two.

9. Switching Colours

A different approach to two-tone cabinets is the interchange design. As you can observe, every two white cabinets pop out a grey one. Classic, rustic, and a great idea to transform a large kitchen.

10. Beach Time

Let your imagination go wild and think about how this kitchen would look if there was only one color on the cabinets. The light blue and white cabinets offer a coastal look but also make the decoration interesting and appealing.

11. Best In Black

A contemporary bright kitchen with black and brown wooden cabinets. The interesting element here is the black stripes on the wooden brown cabinets which are preparing us for the total black island and the upper cabinetry.

12. The Brown Cloud

Source: blogspot.com

Those brown upper cabinets match quite well with the white bottom ones since they have similar designs. The hidden lighting beneath the wooden installment creates the illusion of a white shine on a beige wall to enhance the connection with the rest of the cabinets.

13. Modern All The Way

Source: blogspot.com

There is a feeling of clearness when you take a look at this kitchen. Dark wood on the most parts of the cabinetry and just enough white under the window, to achieve the brightness required for a low-ceiling room.

14. Material Illusion

Check out another modern addition to this list with two-tone cabinets. Here, apart from the wooden cabinets, we come across grey cabinets that look like they are made from cement. Simple and effective result.

15. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall.

How about a contemporary kitchen with a grey color almost everywhere. However, the upper cabinets’ fronts are mirrors. A revolutionary idea for two-tone cabinets with exciting results.

16. Fifty Shades Of Grey

If you are into the two-tone cabinet project, but you do not want something exaggerated, go for shades of the same color. These kitchens’ cabinets are painted with light and dark tones of grey and the result is quite smooth.

17. Room With A View

The large window in the middle of the wall receives all the attention. The blue cabinets of the kitchen island and right behind them the grey ones for the cabinets only create a path to nature’s scenery.

18. Brass-Copper-Iron

Amazing wood and grey cabinets provide this kitchen with a wonderful modern appearance. What catches the eye though, is the weathered metal panel on the island as a color presentation.

19. Lifestyle Statement

The design of this room is very special and it reflects the progressiveness of the owners. By choosing concrete cabinets in two different but also similar colors, a breath of innovation is taken. Opal grey and graphite are the casts.

20. Sweet Approach

As soon as pink and grey are put together you know that acute outcome will present itself. The architecture here is notable as well, since the pink cabinets and the island are in the center, surrounded by the grey ones.

21. When In Doubt Paint Red

Source: domino.com

Red hue will always make an impression. In this kitchen, we observe wooden and red cabinets which are connected with a white and black wall of bricks. It is an incredible matching, and the dark red flooring is a plus.

22. Future Touch

This room looks like it came just from the year 2045! Shiny, clean, and the cabinets are in white and red colors. It is not “too much” since the tone of the red cabinets is darker and the white tiles on the backlash lighten up the place.

23. Yellow Is The Colour Of Sunshine

The contemporary element stands out in this room, through the black cabinetry at the bottom and the wood on the top. Even the range hood takes part in this analogy. Nevertheless, the magic here is actualized with the yellow paint on the wall.

24. Made Of Silver

Navy blue is a color for every occasion, after all! You can discover it on cabinets matched even with other cabinets which are silver leafed. The amazing part is that the last ones reflect the light in your kitchen making it brighter!

25. Relax Your Senses

People who love elegance cannot skip this image. A comfortable kitchen with many two-tone cabinets. The white ones are installed on the wall, and the brown ones everywhere else to make the place look warmer. Thumbs up for the range hood!

26. Village House

The rustic force has never been more powerful. Blue cabinets with floral paintings together with brown ones. Everything is wooden and it just makes you feel like home. The copper sink fits in perfectly.

27. Grey Matter

The star of the kitchen here is the grey color. To break the pattern, still keeping the grey element, they installed light brown wooden upper cabinets. This two-toned coloring is extended to the kitchen window and it is simple and lovely.

28. Another Point Of View

Source: due-home.com

If you desperately want two-tone cabinets for your kitchen but you have only one level of them, the solution is right in front of you. While their background remains white the panels and the drawers are painted in grey.

29. Heavy But Cozy

Source: rtrmedia.com

Going some years back, some people prefer a little more heavy decoration. This farmhouse style kitchen includes dark wood lower cabinets and dark green upper cabinets. The upper ones resemble the color of a cypress, which is not a bad choice for the particular decor.

30. Parlare Italiano?

Source: people.com

A country style kitchen with grey cabinets and brown ones just in the middle. The amazing element is the Italian tiles on the backlash which somehow connect the whole room in terms of coloring!

31. Purple Dream

And we go to my personal favorite. A white and purple combination of cabinets and a clever designer who pays attention to the details. I dare you to notice the handles. On the purple cabinets are gold and on the white are silver!

32. Stripes Everywhere

Wood, wood, and wood again and forever! This is a superb expression of woodworking in a modern kitchen. The two tones of the cabinets are presented with their black color and the light wooden stripes on them. The range hood is a chapter on its own!

33. The Usual Suspects

Source: domino.com

A kitchen with a usual combination of colors, but in this case their design is unique. A large department of dark blue cabinets and a smaller one with white cabinets on the left. A pretty, contemporary approach.

34. Swap And Impress

Source: domino.com

While most of the time darker colors go to the bottom and lighter ones to the top, here we have something different. Silver cabinets are used for the bottom part of the kitchen and green for the upper part. A change that is valuable when it comes to design.

35. Black Mirror

Source:  domino.com

Timber surfaces appear in the biggest part of this small kitchen, but the installation of black mirrored panes on the upper cabinets is the memory element. An elegant and impressive touch worth considering for any kitchen.

36. Aqua Splash!

Source: livspace.com

Last but not least, an intense designing example for people who are not afraid to dare! White cabinets on the top and playful aqua ones at the bottom and the rest of the room as well! Those Arabic style tiles bring the balance needed!


Those two-tone cabinets ideas are a remarkable source of inspiration for you if you are following the trends! You can use different colors or materials to achieve the desired result, but always remember to use elements to make the match naturally. Such installments vary, from kitchen hardware to tiles on the walls.

Above all, don’t forget that the kitchen is a room that you spend a lot of time in, so make it match your personality!

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