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Kitchen soffits are a particular portion of the kitchen, which requires proper attention. It may not be easy to cope with them if they build too much flange within your house. The soffits may not be eliminated but can be operated and placed in such a way that these don’t look uncomfortable.

The soffit is the area across the top and the ceiling of the kitchen cabinets. It is a bulkhead, constructed out of the surrounding wall to encase the cabinet tops.

Below are some exciting suggestions for kitchen soffits.

31 Creative Kitchen Soffits Ideas

1. Molding Border

Source: decorpad.com

If you have built a large kitchen with big soffits, then install the molding. The perfect choice is to gracefully make the kitchen itself as it contributes to the overall elegance.

The molding will provide you incredible results in many kitchen designs. Stick to realistic paint choices when it comes to molding colors. White is usually the best and eternal.

2. Thicken the soffitswith molding

The molding will immediately add a more luxurious appearance to your kitchen soffits. When you have a smaller soffit in the kitchen. Crown molding will dress up the area. Hide the whole soffit by putting it just over the cabinets to give your kitchen a much better fashionable and glamorous look.

3. Paint the Molding

For a sleek look, you can paint the molding to match your cabinets, or you can use a clean, white color to contrast them. You can paint the interior in a daring, light shade.

4. Picture Frame Molding

Source: hometalk.com

When you have a bigger soffit, thin picture-frame molding parts can be used to build frames all over the soffit. You can adjust the scale of the panels according to your kitchen shapes and create a gallery-like result.

5.Use wallpapers

You can use a variety of wallpaper to ensure most of the look. You can fill in the borders with some stylish features. A wallpaper with a quirky geometric background can be used. These are accessible in limitless shades and styles, so you can select any color for your kitchen soffits to decorate.

6. Add Beadboard

Source: blogspot.com

No matter what decor you have in your kitchen. You can cover the soffit with beadboard, which will refresh its design instantly. At your local home improvement center, you can find the beadboard paneling and cut it to fit your soffit area. Beadboard is usually colored white, which can be a perfect style if you have white cabinet.

7. Kitchen Antiques

A soffit over the kitchen cabinets is a perfect spot to highlight your antique kitchen pieces. A tarnished egg beater, kitchen utensils with polished wooden handles, old-time advertisement signs, ceramic molds or antique wicker buckets all appear sculptures when exhibited on a kitchen soffit as a set.

8.Fill in the gapwith trim

Source: decorpad.com

If the gap between your upper cabinets and the ceiling isn’t so big. You can fill it with trim running along your high cabinet tops. This style will create a cohesive, built-in look, and much less potential for dust collection.

9. Tile the soffits


Tiles will transform your kitchen soffit look more modern and provide an attractive structure and color. You can use the identical product for the soffit to give your kitchen a seamless look if you have a tiled backsplash. Ceramic tiles in a vibrant color or bold pattern can make your kitchen soffit seem pleasant, whereas stone tile has a more formal appearance.

10. Add Cabinets

New cabinets can be installed only above current cabinets. A full storage kitchen cabinet can easily hide nasty wiring, so when you open their doors, it’s clean and usable. In the upper corner, you won’t see the secret installation. You cover it mainly by putting the upper cabinet shelf under the soffit. You’ll also get more room and a sleeker and more modern look.

11. Cover Soffits With Artwork

Why not utilize the vacant place to display any of your works of art.  To render this area pop out, put your ideal artwork in the horizontal or vertical position. It is another perfect way of letting your friends know regarding your creative style. Plus you can introduce the kitchen theme.

12.Put recessed lights

Source: ihis.info

Recessed lights provide another way to make the cabinets stand out. With the recessed lighting in your kitchen, the cabinets that highlight the layout and the cabinet features will shine down. What an outstanding way to show a kitchen cabinet.

13.Rope lights shine on the ceiling

Rope light ceiling can be achieved by adding a proud crown molding, or away from the inside of the soffit itself. This is a simple and dramatic way of bringing ambient light into your kitchen.

14. Glass Brick

Source: hunker.com

You are considering cover up the necessary cables and pipes underneath or elsewhere. You can replace the rendered sheet stone or panel front with sparkling glass bricks that provide a stunning contrast to the dull solid bulkhead. This is exceptionally efficient when light-emitting diode (LED) lights are mounted inside or beyond the blocks to glow your ceiling gently.

15. Drop a Soffit

Source: buildllc.com

You may build a soffit which leads to the ceiling over the cabins. Soffits are typically ornamental frames, but they may have pipes and electrical cords. Extend the soffit by several inches’ outwards over the cabinets. You can even add lighting on it to better bright up your field of work.

16. Drop Ceiling Soffit Lights

There are many houses where you do not find drop soffit ceilings. This includes the inclusion of a sufficient level of ceiling height. You don’t want to have your soffits exposed to lights. You can have hidden lights sandwiched between the ceiling gap. This way, the views are obscured 100% and offer a pleasant soft ambient light.

17. Place Plants

Whether you’re a nature lover or you like growing plants indoors. To this end, you can use the soffits, which is just another great idea for you. If you don’t have upper cabinets, then you can use plants to hang on soffit itself. Getting plants in the kitchen will give your kitchen a beautiful natural look out of the box.

18. Use Sculptures or Books

This inaccessible location can be utilized to show your passion for sculptures. Kitchen soffits are large enough to accommodate your exclusive work of art. The area can be used to put your old books. By constructing bookshelves, you can turn the gap into something useful. Stay innovative!

19. Showcase Expensive Crockery

Source: sndimg.com

The gap over cabinets can be used to highlight your valuable crockery. Crockery, no matter how costly it always goes unseen in cabinets when locked. You can make the most of this area and show many stylish accessories.

20. Build a Window

If you may refurbish your kitchen entirely, you may add a window in the soffit gap that would give your kitchen a fantastic look. This relies on how this fits inside and how wide it is. However, it isn’t easy to do in many situations.

21.Define space

Source: hzcdn.com

The soffit can be utilized to significant effect whenever it applies to an open-plan kitchen, which helps to identify the layout and work. You can expand soffit from two walls to cover the kitchen. This also provides the possibility of recessed lighting, suspension illumination, and better airflow.

22. Enclose the kitchen

A lowered ceiling gives you a feeling of enclosure inside your kitchen. The kitchen bulkhead operates in this scenario as a canopy emerging directly beyond the joinery wall.

23. Project air

A soffit can be designed to direct air within your kitchen. It means that the air does not blow over the kitchen bench directly, and because of its more centralized position. This should boost air quality and temperature control around the kitchen.

24. Create a shadowline

Source: i2.wp.com

This kitchen bulkhead is positioned as though it were hanging from the ceiling. The result is that it produces a Shadowline that matches the gray kitchen platform color scheme underneath it.

25. Play with Materials

Source: trendir.com

Although a bulkhead can further classify the kitchen area, the partition can also be defined by using the materials. The bulkhead below is an excellent design embedded in wooden slats and recessed lighting, an excellent accompaniment to warm luxury sofas.

26. Add Decorative Flair

Source: hzcdn.com

A kitchen bulkhead provides an additional dimension and textures for which decorative architects can get imaginative. The bulkhead below is coated with polished metal, adding decoration, texture and a new aspect to the previously slick kitchen.

27.Add Visual Balance

As well as concealing facilities, a bulkhead over a kitchen island is usually designed to imitate the size and structure of other components and geometries in the kitchen to establish visible harmony. A partition here is a slim and discreet extension with measurements that mimic those of the kitchen island underneath it.

28. Reduce Cleaning

Thereis no more cleaning required above kitchen cupboards when a soffit has been installed to enclose that dreaded space. If your kitchen has a soffit that boxes in the otherwise unused space between the top of the cupboards and ceiling. It can provid your kitchen a cover-up for an air conditioning unit.

29. Incorporate more storage

Whenever you remodel your kitchen soffit to be updated or replaced with new storage boxes, you may usually install 12-inch cabinets, or go for revolving racks above the upper cabinets, relying on your layout and personal design preferences. It provides storage and the possibility of showcasing seasonal decoration or serving/dishware.

30. Add crown molding

Remodeling and having cabinets of the identical size makes sense, even when a soffit isn’t a concern. Throughout these cases, crown molding offers a flexible design solution that not just provides the cabinets a more personalized and completed appearance, but also manages to transform the space between the upper cabinets and the ceiling.

31. Extend cabinets to the ceiling

You could stretch your upper cabinet through to the ceiling without a bulky kitchen soffit. The height of these modern cabinets allows for the latest transitional design style and gives more space.


Visit specialty design showrooms for appliances, tiles, flooring, cabinets, etc. as you choose from various fixtures and materials. You will get a good feel for what’s on the market, and you will chat about your plans and what goods can accomplish your goals with the people who are working there.

Bearing in mind your targets, kitchen plan and budget, consider all the possible options that you can include in your kitchen and focus on choices that suit your needs.

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