27 Kids Bathroom Ideas Everyone Will Adore

These kids’ bathroom ideas will make everyone want to take a piece of inspiration from you!

Best Kids Bathroom Ideas

The Idea Behind Designing A Good Kids Bathroom

Kids are very bubbly and fun, which is the ultimate inspiration for you to design your kid’s bathroom accordingly!

A fun color scheme along with an interplay of interesting accessories does the trick.

Stay tuned as we introduce you to some exciting kids’ bathroom ideas that everyone in your family will dote on!

1. Holographic Rainbows

1)Holographic Rainbows

A great way to impart a fun element to your kids’ bathroom is to add a bit of holographic and rainbow accessories, like the floor mat shown in this bathroom! The idea of using a glossy chameleon green vanity is also wonderful to give a vibrant pop of color!

2. We Love Lilac

2)We Love Lilac

Everyone does! This is a great way to amp up the colorful component for a kid’s bathroom area. You can further enhance it by sticking cute stickers and mood-uplifting floral frames. And let us not forget the vases and bright yellow chairs, in case your little one likes to see him/herself in the mirror while brushing the teeth!

3. Dazzling Lights

3)Dazzling Lights

For those who share a bedroom, a double-stack vanity with two separate washing areas is a great way to uplift the vibe of your kid’s bathroom! Accompanied by a circular mirror and a pair of shiny sparkling lights, so that every morning can be as bright as their future!

4. One Two Buckle My Shoe

4)One Two Buckle My Shoe

Hang your child’s art projects and canvas paintings in the bathroom to remind them of their inner artist daily! This will also give a more customized look to your bathroom. A coat hanging stand is a must for winters and placing numbers on top of each hook will help them learn number sequence!

5. The Benchmark

5)The Benchmark

Instead of going for traditional stools, placing a bench in your kid’s bathroom is a really great idea! Rubber duckies and ocean blue paint are great additions to impart a cool and beachy vibe!

6. You Are My Sunshine

6)You Are My Sunshine

Hanging frames with comforting and loving messages are a great way to show love towards your precious one. Floral abstract curtains and warm-toned lighting can further enhance the features of a bathroom for your child.

7. My Little One

7)My Little One

Low-set vanities for your little ones will aid towards accessibility in performing daily morning rituals, especially brushing the teeth. Add a couple of customized letters or animal statues to make it look like a bathroom dedicated to your child!

8. The Winner’s Den

8)The Winner’s Den

Source: decoist.com

A traditional white bathroom with red lights is a great way to give your bathroom a victorious and motivational look! To add more to the motivational component, a mood-pumping and inspiring quotation frame can remind your daily one of his or her goals on a daily basis!

9. Zig Zag!

9)Zig Zag!

For those of you on a budget, instead of going for expensive items and bathroom hardware, simply invest in a bundle of colorful tiles that can give a truly bubbly look to the bathroom! This one has zig-zag shelves with polka-dots and stripes in multiple fun colors!

10. A Monkey Business

10)A Monkey Business

For those little ones that are full of shenanigans and bags of tricks up their sleeves, a monkey themed bathroom would look great! And all it takes are a couple of monkey floor mats and printed curtains. To give it the ultimate Banana-colored vibe, reach out for some yellow paint and bright yellow lights!

11. Under The Sea

11)Under The Sea

Source: decoist.com

Baby blue paint and an artistic hand to create some splashes and waves on the wall can give an aquatic look to your child’s bathroom. Light colors always uplift the mood, and therefore white vanity mirrors and cabinets are best suited for this purpose. Let us not forget the white light hangings that resemble street lamps!

12. Hop Hop!

12)Hop Hop!

A green and white bathroom color scheme is a perfect foundation to build a frog-themed bathroom for your kids. Multiple circular mirrors give it a very unique and interesting look while the frog-themed curtains and floor mat make an excellent influence of the entire vibe of this fun bathroom!

13. The Classical Ocean

13)The Classical Ocean

White and blue bathrooms are a classic example of a kid’s bathroom. But you can make it more interesting by separating the shower and washing area from one another. Pasting a few ocean life stickers will make the theme look more authentic and fun! Also, notice the use of faux tulip flowers in the vase, they surely add a vibrant pop of color!

14. Pink For My Princess

14)Pink For My Princess

Source: bing.com

Baby pink paint can make a huge difference to give a bathroom a feministic touch for your baby girl. White or peach vanities and mirror frames can make it look more like a dollhouse! And adding some bunny rabbit pink curtains will surely delight your baby princess!

15. The Square Trio

15)The Square Trio

Source: bing.com

Traditional shelves can look very boring sometimes. But these square-shaped floating shelves will add a lot of fun elements to your child’s bathroom! And putting name tags will make the experience customized and unique. You can then display your favorite toothbrush set or shampoos with style!  Woven hay baskets are a great accessory for a kids’ bathroom, they give off earthy vibes!

16. Three Little Musketeers

16)Three Little Musketeers

Source: bing.com

Combined sinks are so cute! If your little ones share the bathroom, then a great investment could be made on a washbasin for three. You can add stools for them to climb up! Three separate mirrors will demarcate one washing basin from another. In the end, couple it up with your favorite paint and set of frames to seal the deal!

17. Tiny Toons

17)Tiny Toons

Source: bing.com

It is the little accessories that can make a lot of difference. Color-coded toothbrush stands or mugs are a great way to make your children’s bathroom convenient for them. And it also makes it look trendy and groovy! A hook to accompany each stand can be used for hanging towels or raincoats!

18. Whale Obsession

18)Whale Obsession

Source: pinimg.com

A lot of kids are obsessed with aquatic animals, especially whales. So what could be better than a whale themed bathroom? Picture frames with whales on them are a great asset to such a bathroom. On the floating shelves, you can stack some aquatic statues or action figures besides the towels and bathroom essentials. Blue curtains to blend with the theme are a must!

19. Doll House!

19)Doll House!

A dressing area in combination with the washing area is a great way to save space and make a bathroom more convenient! Lime green paint and intricate frames can make give your child’s bathroom a dollhouse vibe!

20. Cute But Chic

20)Cute But Chic

Source: Cute But Chic

Even a kid’s bathroom can have a modern contemporary look! This is good for those people who like a flavor of modernism in every aspect. Hanging glossy red lights and accompanying abstract wallpapers give the ultimate impression of contemporary. LED lights further enhance the futuristic look customized geometric vanity does the job of sealing the deal!

21. Important Lessons!

21)Important Lessons!

A towel rack or stand is a great place to place some motivational quotes or a few bathroom rules. Fun frames that give off vibrant colors will attract your children and compel them to read the writings! And it also gives kids’ bathroom fun and engaging looks!

22. The Studio Effect!

22)The Studio Effect!

Source: bing.com

Dedicating an entire room to a beach theme just takes the experience to another level! The bathroom area can be made to look like a small hut or treehouse whereas the ceiling and walls can represent the oceanic reflections onto the sky. The showerheads can be accompanied by paintings of waves and clouds. It will make your kids love each and every bathing session!

23. Designer’s Choice

23)Designer’s Choice

Source: bing.com

Classic white brick tiles and frameless mirrors are great assets for a kid’s bathroom. These hanging house-shaped mirrors and the combined red wash basin give off designer vibes. The initials of the names are depicted by the hangings above each washing area, this gives it a customized and sleek look! Cat shaped hooks and lantern lamp lights further enhance the chic vibe of this kid’s bathroom!

24.  The Giraffe Frenzy

24) The Giraffe Frenzy

Source: bing.com

Sometimes all it takes is as little as a wallpaper that displays your child’s favorite animal or character to make a bathroom look like it is dedicated to kids only! You can enhance it by placing bathing toys and a few frames to give it a necessary pop of color.

25. Slanted Paths

25)Slanted Paths

Slanted ceilings are a great way to harness more natural light! You can paint it with your kid’s favorite color to make it look more welcoming for your child. Placing two-tier stools will aid convenience whilst also imparting style.

26. Night Owls

26)Night Owls

Source: bing.com

Sometimes all it takes is a pack of trendy stickers to make a bathroom look customized and dedicated towards a kid’s theme. Owl stickers are very trendy and easily available online!

27. Puzzles And Riddles

27)Puzzles And Riddles

Source: pinimg.com

Hanging a set of bathroom rules sometimes seems too plain of an idea. You can make the idea more fun and attractive by using puzzle frames and letter initials! Just like the one shown in this picture. Multicolored ones will play a better role at enhancing the vibrance!

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