Best Garden Party Ideas

Summer is passing by, and you still have no vacation plans? Neither do we. It’s the era of COVID; it’s hard to organize a carefree vacation, but it doesn’t mean you have to give up having fun. Let’s turn your property into the perfect summer resort! Instead of tropical weather and exotic dinner with the ocean’s view, you can enjoy a homemade barbecue and refreshing cocktails by the pool. Use your imagination and prepare a lovely garden spot for the summer.

If you miss hanging out in the beach bars and clubs, there is an alternative for you. How about hosting an open-air gathering in your backyard? Invite friends and create your own kind of vacation. We’re more than happy to help with that. Below, you can find some cool tips on how to make a great garden party.

Garden Party

There Is No Beach Party without Water

When planning holidays in your garden, the first thing that should come into your mind is water. Investing in a pool or a pond will not only beautify your backyard but also bring refreshments during long and hot summer days. Not to mention the primary source of entertainment during all the garden parties.

However, it would help if you kept in mind that such water reservoirs require proper care. When having a pool, we highly recommend investing in pool filters for water maintenance and quality improvement.

The same thing applies to the pond. You should consider a solar power pond aerator in order to keep it clean and fresh-looking. According to Living Water Aeration, such a device will also help you get rid of annoying mosquitos flying around the garden.

Let’s Get Loud

There is no party without music! It doesn’t matter if you have a calm evening with a couple of friends, or you’re throwing a party of the year, the sounds on the background have a significant impact on the atmosphere. Keep it in mind when organizing your garden meetings.

If you want a musical ambiance in your backyard, make sure you can set up portable speakers or pull on the extension cord and use real loudspeakers. Then create a wild playlist and hit the dancefloor with a companion.

Light the Garden Up

If you want to create a magical, romantic atmosphere, invest in hanging lights and install them everywhere you can – on the fence, around the trees, on a bush. Now imagine chilling with friends, while listening to great music, sipping fresh drinks, and staring at million little lights in the background.

If you have enough space in the garden, you can also consider making a bonfire spot. Since all the festivals are canceled, you may simply set the fire and act like you had a real Burning Man in your backyard.


Visual effects are also significant when it comes to party time. According to, “When decorating, consider what will withstand the elements—rain or shine: moss, galvanized metal, ceramics and stoneware, herbs, and fresh flowers. Herbs and fruit trees are always ripe for the picking in your backyard, so gather them into a pitcher centerpiece that guests can forage from themselves. A pretty mix of garden roses, ranunculus, sweet peas, and anemones always look resplendent in cups and bowls.”


Don’t forget about what always rules at parties. Alcoholic beverages play a significant role in most social gatherings. How about making up unique holiday cocktail recipes? Summer is the season of the most delicious fruits – use this! Blend some fresh foods, then mix with the alcohol and we can guarantee, that’s how summer in the glass tastes like. Decorate it with fresh herbs or flowers, and your guests will be delighted!

Get Dressed

How about getting out of your comfort zone and showing yourself from the fun side? Consider hosting a fancy dress party! Push your friends to make some effort and create a whole new dimension, where time flows differently, the music grabs you, and boredom does not exist.

Say no more to ordinary outfits and create a unique theme party. How about Hawaiian style with coconut bras and salty drinks? Or maybe something more sophisticated, such as a trip to the 20s with the fringe dress, lush curls, and a pipe? The choice is yours. More creative, more fun.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, even though there are some obstacles, nothing can stop you from enjoying your summer time this year. Arranging your garden for a party area may help you move for a moment to your dream holiday destination and take a break from your daily routine.

Hopefully, the tips we listed above will help you organize great meetings with your loved ones and enjoy COVID summer as much as you can. Remember, not the place, but the people create the vibe. Enjoy your holidays!

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