Best Garage Cabinets of 2021 – Reviews & Buyer Guides

The main purpose of your garage is storage. It starts with your car and ends with tools, spare parts, furniture, and many more. Maybe eventually your car is no longer in the picture. If you fail to take control of the items that go in, soon your garage will be overrun by chaos. Fortunately, you can organize your space better with the help of garage cabinets.

Do you think that looking for the cost of garage door repairs was complicated? Wait until you have to pick garage cabinets. With so many brands and models available on the market, making your final decision won’t be easy. However, this article will shed some light on this topic. You’ll have a chance to read reviews, learn more about specific factors you should consider before purchasing a cabinet for your garage, and find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding garage door cabinets. If you want to find out more, keep on reading!

Best Garage Cabinet Reviews

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best garage cabinets in 2020:

Gladiator GAWG28KDYG Ready-to-Assemble 3/4 Wall GearBox Steel Cabinet

The Gladiator GAWG28KDYG Ready-to-Assemble 3/4 Wall GearBox Steel Cabinet is a modular and stand-alone unit with an all-steel construction. An open bottom shelf ensures storage versatility. This model can support up to 150 lbs or 40 lbs per shelf. The cabinet doors are secured by a magnetic latch.

The cabinet is made from steel with a powder coat finish for high-quality performance, durability, and corrosion resistance. Its overall dimensions are 28″ H x 28″ W x 12″ D. Customers report it’s easy to assemble due to the tab and loop design on all of the panels.

Manhattan Comfort Fortress Rolling Cabinet Garage Storage

The Manhattan Comfort Fortress Rolling Cabinet Garage Storage combines the 2 doors 1 drawer design for optimal usability and accessibility. The steel construction is exceptionally durable, and the unit comes with stainless steel swivel casters for optimal mobility. It features recessed steel handles and lock and key for increased security.

This convenient mobile storage cabinet measures 30.3″ L x 18.2″ D x 31.5″. It comes with a lifetime warranty and clear instructions necessary for home assembly.

Gladiator GALG36KDYG Ready-To-Assemble Gearbox Steel Cabinet

If you need a place to store large and heavy items, the Gladiator GALG36KDYG Ready-To-Assemble Gearbox Steel Cabinet will be a great choice for you. It’s 3 feet wide, 6 feet tall, 1.5 feet deep, and can hold up to 225 lbs of weight, or 45 lbs per shelf. It comes with two adjustable shelves, and there’s one shelf that’s already fixed.

Its steel construction is solid and sturdy. The door front is made of stainless steel. Don’t worry if your garage floor is uneven – leveler legs compensate for that. It’s also easy to assemble.

Garage Storage Cabinet by Seville Heavy Duty Workshop Quality Metal Shelves

The most expensive product on our list, the Garage Storage Cabinet by Seville Classics, is a perfect choice for your heavy-duty tools and spare parts. It has stainless steel doors and a sturdy, powder-coated steel frame. The unit features three reinforced, adjustable shelves that can be removed from the inside.

The cabinet measures 36″ W x18′ D’x72″ H and comes with a lock and two keys for security. It requires home assembly, but there are instructions along with screws and bolts.

Before You Buy

Even with such a short overview of some of the best garage cabinets, making your decision won’t be easy. However, there are some aspects you should consider first before you buy your set. These include:


Garage cabinets are made from a wide range of materials. Your options include, but are not limited to:

  • This material has a great strength-to-price ratio. The downside is that it’s heavy and prone to rust. Fortunately, proper maintenance and a set of wheels eliminate these drawbacks.
  • These cabinets are relatively affordable and can support quite a lot of weight. It’s also an excellent option for DIY projects. However, it can be a little rough around the edges.
  • Aluminum cabinets are incredibly durable and resistant to rust. They can be painted, polished, powder-coated, and anodized for a more custom feel. Keep in mind that they tend to be very expensive.
  • Medium density fiberboard is a popular material that’s inexpensive and relatively durable. If unprotected, it can be damaged by moisture. However, many manufacturers use the thermal fused laminate to increase their functionality and resilience.

Cabinet Construction

Garage cabinets typically feature these elements:

  • Cabinet frames. You can expect to find two types. Welded frames come with already assembled cabinets, which increases shipping costs, but they’re ready to use. Your second option is to purchase flat panels that you’ll have to assemble on your own, but you’ll pay significantly less money.
  • Door hinges. Pre-assembled cabinets feature piano hinges installed at the factory. Units that require home assembly come with European style hinges because they’re adjustable.
  • Closing mechanisms. If you want to keep your space organized, the doors must be closed. Manufacturers use many different types of closing mechanisms, so it mostly depends on the cabinet line. However, if you want to keep your items secure, choose a cabinet with a keyed lock.
  • Bases for floor cabinets. There are garage cabinets that can be placed directly on the floor. However, it’s better to provide some space between the floor and the bottom of the cabinet. The most popular solutions are wheels for portable units and leveling feet.


Cabinet Styles

Now, think about your space and needs. Depending on the purpose, you’ll need a different cabinet style. Do you have many large tools but no place to store them? Choose a large upright cabinet with locks for added security. Do you tend to move a lot in your garage? Opt for a portable cabinet. Or maybe you want to keep smaller items out of your way? In this case, a wall-hung cabinet should do the trick.


The time and the additional costs of shipping depend on a range of factors. Obviously, you’ll have to pay more and wait longer for custom units. Pre-assembled cabinets take up a lot of space, and you’ll end up paying for a delivery of a box filled with air placed in a bigger box. The most cost-effective way is to order cabinets that are ready to ship and require home assembly.


In this section, we answer some of the most common questions regarding garage cabinets.

Why are garage cabinets off the floor?

You can purchase garage cabinets that sit on the floor. Keep in mind, though, that the garage floor gets dirty easily and is prone to flooding. You don’t have to worry about that if you buy suspended wall cabinets. In other cases, you’re most likely to find cabinets that are slightly raised off the floor to make cleaning easier and prevent water from getting inside.

How much are garage cabinets?

The price will vary depending on the cabinet line and the materials used in the production. The most expensive, high-end cabinets are made of powder-coated aluminum. If you’re looking for something durable and sturdy at a reasonable price, opt for steel cabinets. Don’t forget about shipping costs. You’ll have to pay more for a pre-assembled item, as you’ll be literally ordering a box filled with air. That being said, it’s always best to have a set budget before you start doing your research, and be prepared for potential additional costs.

How tall are garage cabinets?

There’s no standard height for garage cabinets. However, wall-hung cabinets are typically 24 inches tall, and garage cabinets placed in the floor with their tops used as a work surface are usually around 35 inches tall. Closet type cabinets are typically 80 inches tall. Keep in mind that these dimensions may vary depending on the manufacturer, and you can also order a custom size.

How deep are garage cabinets?

Similarly to garage cabinets height, there’s no standard depth, either. However, you can expect to find cabinets that are around 15 to 20 inches deep. You can also order custom sizes.

How to install garage cabinets?

Depending on the manufacturer and the cabinet line, garage cabinets can be installed differently. That being said, there are still some general guidelines on the garage cabinet installation process. First, you should attach horizontal boards to the wall so that your cabinets could have a solid place to be installed. Then, you can screw your cabinets to the wooden boards. And that’s it! Ground cabinets don’t need wall support, so in this case, all you have to do is find a place where they will fit and assemble them.

Final Verdict

As you can see, choosing the right garage cabinets is no easy task. There are many factors you should consider before making your decision, and they can all influence how much you end up paying. However, a quick recap of the important features and products mentioned in our article should help you with your choice.

The Gladiator GALG36KDYG Ready-To-Assemble Gearbox Steel Cabinet will be the best option for you if you’re looking for some storage space for large and heavy items. If you’re looking for a sturdy and versatile cabinet, choose the Gladiator GAWG28KDYG Ready-to-Assemble 3/4 Wall GearBox Steel Cabinet with its open lower shelf and a 150 lbs weight capacity. And if you tend to change your working space a lot and need a mobile cabinet, choose the Manhattan Comfort Fortress Rolling Cabinet Garage Storage. Finally, if you’re not on a tight budget and need heavy-duty storage space, Garage Storage Cabinet by Seville might be the right product for you.

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