32 Wondrous Coastal Kitchen Ideas To Bring The Sea Breeze In Your Home

How can we bring the freshness of the sea into our kitchen? The answer is simple. We can use a coastal style to enhance this feeling in many ways, either we live close to the ocean or not!

There are many options for someone who desires to infuse the coastal element in their kitchen. Painted walls, striped bar stools, nautical themed ornaments and of course the blue colour are just some of them. Take a look at this list for ideas to get inspired!

Wondrous Coastal Kitchen Ideas

1. Marine Dream

A great example of a coastal kitchen. The white colour is dominant but the light blue island and the plants bring this lightness in the atmosphere. What really brings the nautical feeling here, are the director’s chairs with stripes!

2. Industrial Meets Coastal

This is a kitchen with many elements, but somehow it achieves a beach style. Apart from the striped stools and the white and blue details, a fascinating addition here is the industrial hanging lights and the wall which resembles fish scales!

3. Flamingos All Around

Coastal style doesn’t always have to be blue. Warm colouring does the trick as well and in this case those palm leaves bring you close to a tropical beach. The flamingo tapestry is innovative and lights up the place as well.

4. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall..

Source: bhg.com

Break the white sequence with different types of ornaments. With blue details around, like the cushions on the stools, the bamboo mirror and a beautiful wall with woven pendants will provide the airy clue in the room.

5. Wood Is A Must

In this picture we can see the coastal elements everywhere,from the light blue tiles on the back wall to the pineapple at the corner of the island! What really express the freshness of the sea though, are those delightful rustic wooden stools.

6. Stay Green

A wonderful way to renovate your kitchen and make it look coastal at the same time is to use reclaimed wood on the island. We have the brightness already from all this white, so why not add those planks and these beach style stools to make it pretty?

7. Going To The Beach

From top to bottom this kitchen combines rustic with contemporary and the result is a sore for the eyes. Those green mirrored tiles on the wall add the colour, the hanging lights represent the rustic, while the stools made of straw take you to a sea side straight away!

8. Simple Is Chic

This is the proof that you don’t need much to make a beach style work for you. A minimalistic style white and grey kitchen with those hanging lights from wicker to enhance the coastal feeling!

9. From Yesterday To Tomorrow

I could imagine this modern kitchen in my regular residence as well as in my vacation beach house. Somehow it manages to combine rustic, industrial and contemporary elements and the result is mesmerizing.

10. A Colourful Life Is A Better One

If you own a large kitchen and you wish to make it look warmer and coastal at the same time, the solution is simple. Paint everything in navy blue and add some colourful details like the stools in this case, to make it more fun!

11. Do Something Green

This citrus kitchen is a magnificent option if you desire the coastal style but don’t want it to be blue. The freshness steps in with the lime green tile wall and cabinets, while pink grapefruit chandelier offers a tropical twist.

12. Warm Up The Place

A grey with gold and brown details kitchen is all you need if you prefer warm colours. It is still coastal, while the lightning inside provides a lambent aura. Extra points go to those long cord lanterns which make an impression.

13. The Bigger The Better

Large kitchens aren’t always easy to decorate. This room becomes coastal and a large space of it is covered by this amazing kitchen island with a cypress plank on top. It brings a beach air inside and it is a distinguished detail in a classic decor.

14. Make A Wish Upon A Starfish

Except the brightness which flows in this room, there are more clues that lead as to a coastal style. A fish ornament, starfish on the range hood, beautiful wooden stools and a blue cooker which catches the eye!

15. Let The Light Come In

A kitchen with brilliantly placed windows perimetrical so that the light will come in from every corner. Green stools which remind us of a beach bar’s ones and a feeling that you are close to nature, even when you are inside the room.

16. Coastal Vintage Stop

Who says that retro appliances don’t work well in a beach house kitchen? If you like this kind of style, you can transform it into coastal just by choosing the right colour. This blue combination of the cooker and the hood is perfect for that purpose!

17. Glitz And Glam

I presume there are people around us who love an elegant decoration for their kitchen which is airy at the same time. This is a fabulous coastal example with a light blue and marble island and those classy rectangular chandeliers to make it glamorous!

18. Fur is not only for cold!

A proper coastal kitchen should not leave out the famous turquoise colour. In this room you meet it all everywhere combined with light brown wood. Also, those fury cushions on the stools really steal the show!

19. Thumbs Up For Tiles

Source: magnolia.com

Just admit it, one of the first things you notice when you look at this picture are the wonderful cobalt tiles on the wall. All the wooden details work together for the coastal look and that persian carpet deserves to be admired..

20. Sometimes Just Being Simple Works

The decoration of our kitchen should be the reflection of our personality. This result is definitely the work of a calm character. Blending together grey and white brings the freshness in without anything exaggerating included.

21. Big Ceiling = Many Lamps

A full white large kitchen with marble elements is filled with brightness. The wooden stools and the hanging industrial light fixtures break the classic image and they are making the room more cozy.

22. We Face East

A delightful light blue classic kitchen which brings in the coastal air with the addition of the stools with the same white and blue pattern. A thing to notice are the hanging orient type lanterns – lights which travel you right to a beach side house in India.

23. Focus On The Island

Source: nestkc.com

It was about time we introduce this fascinating kitchen aqua island which is black on top, that really stands out. It add the coastal feeling in a modern way and the transparent stools together with the white room don’t steal its glory.

24. The Ceiling Matters

If you are wondering on how to achieve a warm but also smooth atmosphere in your kitchen, the solution is right here. Use the light blue colour to several parts of the room to make it coastal, just don’t forget to paint the ceiling as well!

25. Blue Symbolizes Confidence

Modern, Classy and Chic are the right words to describe this kitchen. Navy blue conquers above everything in there which is what we actually want. The beach house effect combined with the clean feeling.

26. Welcome Back To Cozyness

The decor of this kitchen manages to make it cozy, although it is a quite roomy one. This result comes from the wooden floor and the beach style is enhanced by the stools made from bamboo.

27. Let’s Go Sailing

Source: houzz.com

We’ve seen some innovative ideas so far, but this one exceeds everything else. Someone though to use the word coastal literally, so they made their kitchen island shaped like a boat! It is actually quite fun and original!

28. Patterns Everywhere

Jugs, bowls, plates and even the curtain of this kitchen are made of white and blue patterns. The blue island and the bamboo chairs among others create the beach style look we are looking for.

29. Patterns Everywhere Vol.2

In this case, we come across the blue and white patterns on the chairs and the tapestry on the wall. This example offers a coastal style, but also has the modern feeling from the hanging light fixtures to the navy blue of the island.

30. Room With A View

The amazing part of this picture is that you can see the sea from the windows. When it comes to the interior, the blue stools with white stripes scream for coastal! Add an extra point here for the white transparent curtain..

31. Ahoy, Matey!

It’s time to infuse the nautical blue colour in your kitchen decor. Presentable, light to the eye, coastal and easy to match with white(a colour you must have in a beach house kitchen).

32. X Marks The Spot

Source: nkba.org

This kitchen has everything it takes to be coastal. White mirrored tiles on the wall, wooden island with marble on top and wooden stools with cruciate leather stripes on their back. A recipe to success for a large room.


When you appreciate the coastal style for a kitchen, all you need to do is to incorporate the elements needed to make it happen. In general, the blue colour is a must for this style, but as you discovered, there are many other options as well. On the bottom line, beach decoration is an option with many advantages, for example the brightness of the space and the casual feeling it offers.

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