31 Marvellous Basement Kitchen Ideas to make use of your space

Owning a basement is a great advantage if you know how to make the most of it in a proper way. You will be able to create a warm and useful living space for you and your loved ones.

What if you could also cook your favorite meals in a basement kitchen? Either you use it as an entertainment or a guest room, installing a kitchen will provide extra potential. If you already started to consider it, check the following list with some interesting basement kitchen ideas!

Best Basement Kitchen Ideas

1. Creating Means Living

Crafty people prepare to show your capabilities! A DIY kitchen made for a small space from scratch to add your own personality in the decoration. This wooden back wall is one of a kind!

2. Large Place Solution

Have you ever realized that if you own a roomy basement you can actually make a whole dining room in it? This is a great example of taking the advantage of one whole wall to put a classic wooden kitchen and a dining table as well!

3. Play With The Styles

Installing a basement kitchenette doesn’t mean that it just has to be classic. Add some exciting elements like a wall with coloured tiles, industrial details and your own retro ornaments to make it memorable.

4. Modern Doesn’t Hurt

Sometimes to make a space look larger you need to use light colours, like this contemporary example. Grey cabinets and island combined with white walls and a back wall with schematic arabique patterns is all that it takes.

5. A Whole House Underground

A basement kitchen beautifully designed with a kitchen island and long-cord hanging lights. An amazing stylistic idea which proves that even if you have a small quarter of the room to install a kitchen, you are able to come up with a good result.

6. Family Time

Let’s assume that you wish to have a full kitchen downstairs which will allow you to cook every meal you want with comfort. This marvellous installation with grey cabinets takes over a square but it also includes any appliance you might need.

7. Go Back In Time

This is a delightful kitchen idea to use for a basement playroom. From the blue wall to the stickers and the stools, it makes a clear statement that everyone who enters this place will be having fun!

8. For The Love Of White!

It is a usual fact for a basement to be low-ceiling. There is no better way to make it look bigger and cozier at the same time, tha to install a white kitchen with some red ornaments to create a contrast!

9. Classic Works

Give your basement kitchen a warm image by using wooden cabinets, stone walls and marble for the counters. The way the stools are stored under the island is very clever to save some space.

10. Think Green

Why not bring some colour in the white basement kitchen? Make it more interesting by adding green details here and there and a backlash wall with grey tiles. After that, maybe you will not want to leave this place and I believe it would also work with blue!

11. Inspiring Simplicity

Simple, small and effective. A basement kitchen with a cleverly put microwave on the upper cabinets, white and brown colours around to bring coziness and beige walls to complete the picture. The rustic style fixture adds extra points.

12. Wine Fixes Everything

This lovely kitchen with the white cabinets is fully functional with its sink, cooker, cabinets and small refrigerator. The cherry on the top here is the big wine fridge where you can store your bottles safely.

13. Empty Corner? Don’t Worry!

A great way to fill your basement ’s corner is to put a kitchen with a false ceiling over there! This modern smartly placed idea will renew the atmosphere of the entire room. PS. I just adore those upside down wine glasses!

14. Keep Calm And Shine

Source: dhd.nyc

You have to be open-minded to choose that kind of decor for your basement kitchen. Light up the place with the use of aqua colour on the walls and bring the contemporary concept in with those rectangular shelves.

15. Care For The Details

There are many ways to transform a regular basement kitchen into a unique one. Tip number one: Apply a nice wooden grey floor. Tip number two: Incorporate open shelves. Tip number three: Choose black geometric fixtures!

16. A Surprise Under The Stairs

This modern-industrial kitchen is the perfect addition for the space under the staircase. Grey wooden cabinets and white mirrored tiles will definitely do the trick in this case! A functional details which stand out is the light fixture in the corner.

17. A Classic-Modern Combination

A kitchen downstairs needs the proper lightning as well. I am presenting to you a large installation with many lights, wonderful earthy colours and an island with two leather stools to maximize the comfort.

18. Remodeling for a Cause

Source: houzz.com

Now, isn’t this a cute little modern kitchen for a basement? A window on top to let the light come in, red colour on the backlash of the open shelves and all the appliances and cabinets in perfect dimensions to fit on a small wall!

19. Let It Snow

Somehow this room reminds a winter scenery. White and beige all over the place, a stainless steel countertop and those magnificent tiles on the wall with grey and white shades. A modern approach which could be seen in a kitchen on the first floor as well.

20. Innovative Wonder

This kitchen makes it difficult for you to find something you don’t like.. I don’t know if they are the grey cabinets, the beautiful tiles on the wall, those jars on the shelves with the products or the amazing marble island with the industrial stools, but it’s easy to fall in love with this room.

21. Let’s Just Move Downstairs

When you reach the last step of these stairs you will instantly be transferred in a temple of modernity. This kitchen is characterized from top to bottoms with innovative elements like this tube-shaped hood or the mirrored surfaces literary everywhere.

22. The Universal Beauty Of Wood

If you prefer wooden material then this basement kitchen is the one for you. There are tiles on the back wall but what really stands out is the wood. To complete a fabulous style, insert a retro refrigerator and a seperate section for your variety of wines!

23. Colour Is Always Welcome

Source: booking.com

This is the absolute example of a functional small basement kitchen. Even though it is painted white, they had the idea to add some colour with red and blue stools. The kitchen island works very well here as the dining table.

24. Good Design Is Honest

If it is hard to hide all the pipes and tubes your basement has, then take advantage of it. Prefer the industrial style to give character to the place and wooden furniture for an extra dosage of a rustic feeling.

25. Retro-Modern Upgrade

This woman had a wonderful idea to renew her basement kitchen by painting the
cabinets with a bright blue colour. Because this wasn’t enough, she added a wooden floor and retro tiles on the backlash! The result is quite fascinating!

26. Beacon Of Light

Can you really make a basement kitchen look brilliant? We can conclude that beige and white colours are a must. Why not bring in the coastal element though by installing light fixtures which remind you of a beach house?

27. Eat, Drink, Enjoy

How would you feel about while you are preparing the food your friends to just sit there to keep you company with a drink? This big basement kitchen offers that with a continuance of the countertop into a bar where you can serve anything right next to you!

28. Box Kitchen!

A nice small kitchenette for your basement with an island as well. It is a rectangular fantastic approach if you do not have a lot of space to work with which includes all the appliances and is totally functional.

29. Express Yourself With Less

This list wouldn’t be complete without a minimalistic style basement kitchen. Contemporary, with an exciting long marble island and light fixtures which remind oranges! A “shine and mirror” example!

30. Classicism Is Health

This is definitely a kitchen for big families. Large, cozy, classic, using the white colour when needed and with dark wooden cabinets. It manages to keep the light in a good level with the big amount of fixtures here and there.

31. Three Of A Kind

Here is the proof that simplicity works well and it creates an interesting image for any basement kitchen. We have three main colours: wooden lower cabinets, grey upper cabinets and unusual black appliances.


After all these incredible kitchen ideas, I believe that some of us will decide to renovate our basement. Imagine creating a larger space in your house, if you expand your living room by transferring the kitchen downstairs. Alternatively, think of the potential by owning a second kitchenette in a space where you can use to spend time with your friends. To sum up, a basement kitchen offers advantages which anyone should consider, so don’t think twice, install one!

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