Tutorial: Easy Banner Cards

Remember these banner cards I made? Well, I suppose I have a thing for banner cards. They’re just so darn festive. It’s like a party in an envelope! (aaand…just by saying that I think I have proven my lame partying skills.)

banner card 10

They are really easy to make (I promise!) and require minimal supplies.

banner card 3

You first want to make your triangle “templates.” I used a few different sizes, but you could certainly make yours all the same size. To make the flags for the banner, fold a piece of paper and trace your banners on, with the fold on the paper making the top part of the triangle. Yikes. I have a way of making something simple sound really complicated. Read on and you will see what I mean.

banner card 7

See, once you cut your banner shape out, you have triangles that fold onto themselves. To make the banner, just put a dot of glue on the inside and fold them over a length of string.

banner card 11

banner card 9

Insert a couple of brads into the card to act as “nails”, tie on your tiny little banner, and you are done.
If you want to make the card occasion specific, just stamp a sentiment on the inside.

banner card 12

Told you it was easy, despite my wordy explanation.  What can I say? It’s Monday, which means free pass day. You can blame all of your shortcomings on it simply being a Monday, which might actually make it the best day of the week.
Have a great week everyone!
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banner card 10
Tutorial: Easy Banner Cards
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