8 Essential Tips for Bathroom Remodeling

A cool and beautiful bathroom will always be special. You’ve probably visited a hotel or restaurant, and you can’t stop talking about their wonderful bathrooms. When someone visits a beautiful bathroom, it’s easy to feel happy, calm, and somehow classy.

Are you looking for bathroom remodeling ideas? There are many choices out there. However, the task can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you want. We have curated eight tips that you can use for the bathroom remodeling.


  1. Come up with a reasonable budget.

Every time you have a chance to transform any part of your house into the exact style you desire, consider it an investment in your home and yourself. Bathroom remodeling cost depends on your taste and preferences. Without a proper budget, costs can go beyond what you expect to spend.

Begin by researching local custom construction costs, create a reasonable budget, and stick to it. You can make this easier by choosing a remodeling contractor or experts that provide fixed pricing instead of estimates.

When creating a budget, consider several things like:

  • Will you have your home on the market soon?
  • How much can you afford to spend?
  • What parts of the remodeled bathroom are crucial?


  1. Know the type of bathroom you want

Bathrooms come in a huge array of sizes, shapes, and layouts. There is a possibility; you’re not likely to change the type of your bathroom while remodeling. Nevertheless, it’s wise to look at all the options before you start remodeling. You can consult with an interior designer to help you with such a decision. For example, you can transform a cramped half bath into a wonderful master suite by borrowing space from the bedroom or walk-in closet.

  1. Create a bathroom layout


After deciding what bathroom type you want to remodel, you begin to design the layout considering the shape and size.

Crucial tip: Before thinking about the bathroom remodel aesthetics, you’ve to have a great layout.

  1. Decide if you would like a bathtub.

Life is becoming fast, and people prefer taking a shower over taking a bath. Also, baths use large amounts of water compared to showers. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a bathtub if you prefer relaxing in one.

If you’re remodeling a master en-suite, then you can install a luxury bathtub.

  1. Lighting

When remodeling your bathroom, don’t forget about lighting. Bad lighting can destroy the good work you’ve put in remodeling your space.

Ensure that your bathroom has access to natural lighting. You can achieve this by incorporating several windows or a skylight into your design.  Apart from natural lighting, ensure that there is enough artificial lighting. Don’t use bare bulbs and harsh sources of light. These can be unpleasant.

  1. Ensure there is enough ventilation

Naturally, bathrooms are prone to dampness, especially if you live in a humid area. If you’ve installed a tub or shower in your bathroom, you need adequate ventilation.

Your bathroom needs excellent ventilation to ensure there is no mold, and the occupants are in great health. Mold can cause severe problems if it’s not taken care of, especially in hidden places.

You can ensure there is ventilation by installing exhaust fans, window vents, and windows.

  1. Make your bathroom a little more luxurious.

Your bathroom should always make you feel special. You can do this by adding several extras. Some of the things you can add during a remodel include a heated floor, heated towel rail, and wall-mounted features such as cabinets.

  1. Use durable bathroom materials.

Your bathroom should be able to endure wear each day. It should be able to cope with huge temperature changes and daily water exposure. A bathroom should also be easy to clean, look beautiful and handle harsh chemicals.

Buying cheap materials might end up costing you more in the long run because you’ll need to replace them sooner than you think.  Durable bathroom materials will serve you for many years and can retain a high-quality aesthetic.

A final word

Remodeling a bathroom is an excellent chance to upgrade to a bathroom of your dream. However, doing it well requires you to take your time and find out what you need. For more information  and great tips, you can visit the SOD Home Group – Custom Home Design & Improvement site.

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