shelves! (and crochet and cross stitch!)

You guys. I have good news. The best news. Squeal a little news. We finished our huge wall unit shelf. It looks so cool and huge and empty and full of promise. I will be writing a full post with pictures and tips, but not a tutorial because there is no tutorial in the world that could explain building this thing. It was really a plan a lot, adjust, plan some more, adjust, mess up, and just keep pushing through kind of project.  
Now the fun part begins – because building that monster was no fun at all. Really. Anderson and I are terrible home DIYers. We are nervous and whiny and we just don’t enjoy it. That’s ok. There’s something for everyone. We’ll leave the home improvement to you ambitious, Home Depot on a Saturday morning types.
It doesn't look like much now (Hello, cords!), but I am excited to style it and re-style it and then make Anderson pretend he can have a say in it and then restyle it some more. I'm working on a solution for the ugly cord situation we have going on. (Side note: I cannot use the word situation without thinking of the guy on Jersey Shore lifting up his Ed Hardy t-shirt, pointing to his abs, and smirking at the camera and saying “I think we have a Situation here.” I spent the first 3 months of Sawyer’s life up all night watching Jersey Shore re-runs, so I guess that hideous show will always be ingrained in my memory. Why did I do that to myself? I blame the lack of sleep.) I think we have an idea for hiding the cords but we are just going to chill out for a few days and bask in the accomplishment of a finished project. I also have to finish decorating the room – curtains and art work and all that good stuff. That’s the fun part.
So that’s where I’ve been. Sanding wood and painting pipes and weeping into my American Walnut stained hands. I’m only kind of kidding.
I also decided that I was going to crochet a blanket. Cause you know, I've got so much time. I’ve made progress but I’m extremely bored with it so I am taking a break for a couple weeks. 
 The pattern is the granny ripple and all of the yarn came from Michael's. I have no idea of most of the colors or brands because I lose those little papers. And if I don’t lose them, Sawyer takes them and adds them to his piles of stuff he has strategically placed in front of doorways or around corners in attempt to cripple and destroy us. I think he calls the yarn papers receipts. He is a receipt magpie lately. He has taken to asking for receipts and even throwing a fit when he doesn’t get one. Weird. That’s my boy.
While I break from the blanket, I started a new cross stitch project. The pattern is this one from SatsumaStreet on Etsy. 
 It’s very Mary Blair inspired and I just love it. It’s colorful, geometric, and the perfect mix of retro and modern. I jump around a lot in my crafts, but I always come back to cross stitch. I think it’s my thing. It’s perfect because watching tv is also my thing and they marry so seamlessly. There’s nothing like sitting down with a cold Diet Coke, turning on a show, and cross stitching. It’s the simple things, folks.
So, that’s what I’ve been up to. This is me not apologizing for not being around much on the blog by saying that I'm not apologizing. Doesn't work does it? If you just don’t get enough of me in my bi-weekly to monthly blog posts, follow me on Instagram. I share cross stitch progress pics (riveting!), home decor stuff (ooooh!), and the obligatory cute picture of my kid every now and then (awwww!). My name on IG is allisonmaestri or you can click here (I think) and see my IG page on the ol' internets and follow me there. 
 Have a great week, guys.