book project: microcrafts

I have to start out by admitting that this project would not have gotten done had I not put in place monthly goals for myself. I knew when I set those goals that I would be motivated to do more projects and keep creating, no matter how busy or tired I am. And I was right. Look at me, all self aware.
I stood in front of my shelf of craft books, thumbing through to find an easy, fast project. I’ve already admitted I did this project just to be done. Generally I have a problem with that – just making something so I have something to post, share, etc. But since the whole point of my monthly goals is to stay creative, keep making, and not to let life get in the way of time for myself, I am letting myself make things I wouldn’t normally make just so I am making something.
I picked up Microcrafts: Tiny Treasures to Make and Share thinking that since it is a book about little crafts then they would take little time. I narrowed it down to these itsy bitsy paper pieced cards. 

Do they look little? Probably not. If you are viewing this on a monitor they are probably 5 times bigger than real life. If you are viewing on a phone, they are probably only slightly smaller.
Here’s a better picture for perspective. 
See? Teensy.
I made these one afternoon while Sawyer was playing trains (which is what he does 90% of his waking hours) in his play room. His play room is right next to my craft room so we each did our own thing – he with the trains and me with the paper. He would come in occasionally while I worked to yell some very enthusiastic train related nonsense. “HENRY WENT AROUND THE SHARP BEND IT’S VERY DANGEROUS!” “THOMAS IS PULLING THE PASSENGER CAR!” “MOM I HAVE 10 FREIGHT CARS THAT’S NOT TOO MANY OK!” We only talk train in this house. Sidenote. Sawyer asked Anderson not to be cross with him the other day. Apparently all that British narration on Thomas is rubbing off. Back to the cards. I thought these would take about a half hour of cutting and gluing and I would be back to half heartedly pushing trains around the track (you guys playing trains is so boring.) Turns out these took closer to an hour and a half.
I do think they were worth it. They are so tiny and cute and did I mention tiny? I have them sitting on a shelf in my craft room and they make me smile every time I walk by. 
While I am still not sold on making things just to making things, maybe I am getting closer to appreciating making things for the sake of enjoying the process of making things. Then figuring out what to do with them.
p.s. The link to Microcrafts: Tiny Treasures to Make and Share is an Amazon affiliate link. If you buy the book from my link I make a little percentage of the purchase price for referring the book to you.  The book costs the exact same amount as if you had gone to Amazon and searched for the book yourself, but you help my blog out a little by buying it through my page.



  1. These are very beautiful, I loved them!

  2. GAH! Those are so stinkin' cute!!

  3. Oh my goodness, I love these. I have a huge thing for miniatures and papercut art, and this marries my two loves perfectly. And since I'm running out of room for handcrafted items, this is the ideal next project! It would even be a cuter way to make birthday cards for people I care about. Thanks for the idea. :)

    <3 jen @ librarian tells all

  4. Oh these are so cute!


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