2013 goals: january results

Remember my 2013 goals? I mean, I barely do. No wonder New Year's Resolutions fall by the wayside so quickly. I can hardly remember what mine were. Good thing I have this blog to remind me. 

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January was a success! Here's how we stacked up:

Our Goals Together:
1. One date a month. We were total overachievers and went on two dates. For our first date we just went to dinner and then I tormented Anderson by dragging him to the antique mall. The look of total desperation on his face every time I said "Just one more aisle" was so cute!

I got this cute little printing press drawer to hold some miniatures I have. Anderson was so excited to find it. ha. For our second date, we went out to dinner again and then went to Best Buy to use some rewards dollars that were about to expire. Although our dates were nothing exciting, it's been good for us to learn how to eat a meal without a kid in tow. 

2. Host a dinner once a month. We rocked  this one too. We had some new friends from our church over for dinner one Saturday night. I stepped outside of my comfort zone and made the whole meal - chicken, salad, corn casserole, garlic roasted broccoli, and a pasta salad. So I made boxed brownies for dessert but let's face it - boxed brownies are amazing so there is no point making homemade. It was a fun night and it felt uncomfortably good to let people in my house-sized personal space bubble. Also, I hosted book club this month so twice in one month we had people over. I am being serious when I say that is a big deal for me.

My Goals:
1. Read 2 books a month. Done. I read The Book Thief and The Light Between Oceans. I am not a great book reviewer so I'll spare you any lame/cheesy/weird insights I have, but I would recommend both. They were both interesting and thought provoking and heartbreaking. I cried like a baaaaby at the end of The Light Between Oceans. It was so good, besides being a little dry at the beginning.

2. Finish one embroidery/stitching project a month. Guys. This one. I finished a huge cross stitch project literally on January 31st (it's the same one I shared my progress on a couple weeks ago). I haven't shared it on the blog yet because I cut it so close finishing this and haven't taken proper pictures yet, but here's a little sneak peek courtesy of my instagram feed. 

I can't believe I finished. I've neglected housework, my blog, sleep, and Pinterest for the sake of this project. Totally worth it. For the record, February's project is going to be much simpler. Much. 

3. Run 30 miles a month. I ran about 38 miles this month. That's awesome, but the number should be much higher since my half marathon is next month. It's been really cold out so I've been running at the gym and not really enjoying it. I was bad and skipped a couple long runs because there is nothing worse than an 8+ mile run on the treadmill. February's number should be much higher because I can't afford any more skipping. I've got 13.1 to run in just a few weeks! 

4. Complete one craft book project a month. I shared the string art I made from You Are Awesome: 21 Projects to Make You Happy earlier this month. Read all about it here.


One fully successful month down, 11 to go. I'm liking this monthly goal thing. I think I've gotten more done this month because I had these little goals to keep me motivated and accountable. I'll try to be better about blogging, but I'm also kind of enjoying just doing and enjoying.



  1. just enjoying is what's most important! Love your cross stitching!! xo

  2. That sounds like really good resolutions!! Your stitching is very cute. I really like the colours. Hugsfrom Sweden

  3. Way to go Allison! You're doing awesome! I think I might start a monthly goal post, too--it seems like it would be more motivating than my current post-it goal system, where I make a few goals, stick them on the fridge, then get tired of seeing that post-it every day and throw them away. Ha. I'm on hold at the library for The Light Between Oceans--I can't wait to get it, I've heard good things.

  4. Awesome. I think I'm going to do a goals for the month of February. Off to do that now! thanks for inspiration.


  5. I always look forward to your post I check weekly sometimes daily to see what is new in the world of Allison. I feel as if we are long lost friends who get to catch up. I love your honest approach to life and all your crafty ways. Keep up the good work. Bring it on February!!

  6. Wow, I am beyond impressed! And I love your little printing press drawer--so envious!

  7. Wow! You were busy this last month! I am doing something similar to your monthly goals but in the quilting arena. I wanted to get one of my unfinished quilts done last month - a tumbler quilt that I started, oh, about a year ago. Done! Feels good to accomplish something.

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