i finished a nook!

I feel like I might start every post I've written for the last 6 months with some variation of "Life has been crazy." Guess what? Still crazy. For variety's sake I'll rephrase: It's been cray cray. Yes, I do actually say cray cray when I am talking. Out loud, to other people.

Do people actually want to know the everyday happenings in my life? I don't know. I'm pretty sure you don't want to read about another sick family. This is our first winter with a kid in school and he is bringing home everything. I'll leave it at that. I've been working hard at my job. I've always worked hard but things have been extra challenging lately, mostly in a good way. After a big old scary speech given by the legal department regarding social media and written word and how everything you write can come back to get you, I am hardly going to breath (type) a word more about my job. I work. That's it. No litigation for this lady. 

Somehow among all of the simple chaos of life, I managed to put together one more little area of our home. Remember like 9 months ago when I started our bedroom? Yeah. Things don't move too fast around here, because I am still working on it. Click here to read through all the posts about our bedroom makeover. 

There's this weird little nook off of our bedroom and I think I've finally figured out what to do with it.

 I tried to find a picture of what this little area was. This is the best picture I could find:

See that little area to the left? When we moved back into this room, I thought I would like to have a desk in that area. I don't know why I thought I would like to come home after sitting at a desk for 8+ hours a day just to sit at another desk. It ended up being a collecting area for junk and clutter. 

When I came across this chair at the thrift store for $15, I knew it would be perfect for this little corner of our room. I have a pretty strict "no used upholstered furniture" rule when thrift shopping, but I couldn't resist. It's gold velvet! It's really clean and doesn't smell and GOLD VELVET. 

I added in the rest of the decor in this area piece by piece over the course of a couple months. 

I am generally impatient when it comes to wanting a project done. Like I want it done five minutes ago. With our bedroom I've really tried to pace myself, wait for the right thing, search out unique items, and just. be. patient. Also, don't spend a lot of money. The table is the most expensive thing in the space and it's the most I've ever spent for an accent table. I can't think about it too much or I regret spending so much on a cheaply made Target table. ok. Done thinking about it.

Chair - thrifted ($15)
Pillow - Target
Lamp - thrifted ($8)
Magazine rack - thrifted ($4)
Table - Target
Gold birds - thrifted ($5)
Fox - Target (after Christmas sale, no longer available)($5)
Succulent plant - Target
Books - Barnes and Noble
Art - thrifted, handmade (about $15)

Our bedroom is mostly complete. I would still like some art up on the walls, but I'm still waiting for the right thing. 

Since I am a restless soul and can't ever stop, Anderson and I just spent the evening clearing out our living room, dusting the base boards, and pulling out nails to get ready for the painter to come tomorrow and paint our living room. Yay! I've been wanting to paint our living room since we painted our bedroom. I kept saying I'd spend a weekend painting and it would be done. Six months later and the living room was still beigey khaki. So when I came across a Groupon for a cheap painter, I bought it. Oh yeah, and then the couch I have been eyeing for like a year went on sale so I just hopped over to Macy's on my lunch break and bought a couch. This one to be exact. I'm just slightly giddy. Lest you think I throw money around like a cray cray person, I have been contemplating that couch and setting aside money for a very long time for just the right thing. That thing will be delivered next week and I will hug it for two hours straight when it gets here. I'll share pictures. Of the couch. Not of me hugging it.

Hooray for house progress!



  1. Love your little corner! But that desk would be MY dream and then I'd separate the talking twins :) because they talk so much one can't fall asleep (K) and one can't stay asleep the next morning (C)

  2. Girl, you cray cray. I LOVE your reading nook. love love love love love it. There aren't enough loves in the world for how much I love it. You hate it compared to how much I love it. I really envy your style--you always hit the perfect mix of vintage and trendy modern, and it always looks so natural! And your new couch? Amaaaaahzing. I love it!

  3. My goodness this is so lovely! We're in the process of decorating & it's taken since October!!! My bf doesn't really like color too much so it's a struggle since I love it..but we manage. I am dying over that chair & how you've styled your little nook. Soooooo cozy!!

  4. I just love your style!! Your reading nook is adorable. My own bedroom redo has been paused for like... a year. I need to finish it up for serious.

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  6. what a perfect little nook! i LOVE it! and i really love that chair - my favorite color!

  7. It's beautiful! I love that you took the time to make it your perfect little nook! I always feel rushed to make a space feel just right! Great job!


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