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Anderson has been sick since Tuesday with a stomach bug, which means he is quarantined to the spare room. On one hand, being on full time Sawyer duty has been great. Dinner, bath, bedtime, nighttime duty, breakfast, school drop off, work, school pick up, repeat. I’ve done it all. I am Mommy, hear me roar! 
On the other hand, ANDERSONPLEASEGETBETTERYOURCHILDISCRAZYIMSOTIRED. So there’s that. One day playing “single” mommy and I am begging for mercy.
Needless to say (and yet here I am saying it) not much time for anything else like the awesomely huge new cross stitch project I started. For the last cross stitch project I worked on, I kept track of my progress in Instagram. It was/is really fun to see how it progresses each day. I’m doing the same for this project, so if you’d like to follow along find me on instagram. My handle is allisonmaestri.

This one is going to take a while. I’m guessing 30 days or so of work. When I say "day" I mean an hour or two before I go to bed at night, 4 or 5 hours on a Saturday or Sunday. We'll see.
p.s. The pattern is from Anna Maria Horner’s book, Needleworks Notebook. I will be doing a book review once I am done with this project, but for now I will say I have a few issues with this pattern. It’s beautiful but hard to decipher which color is which when there are no color symbols in the pattern. That's fine when there are only 5 colors in a pattern, but this one has over 20, including like 5 shades of pink/red. With no symbols it makes it really hard to tell which pink is which. Maybe that's being nit-picky, but it is something that will make me think twice before buying a book or pattern that does not have symbols. 
 Ok, whining over. I figured you'd like to know the good and the bad in case you are considering making this project. 
 I can't wait to get back to work on this piece. It's one of the more challenging stitching pieces I've worked on and I'm so excited to see the finished project. 


  1. Such beautiful, vibrant colors! I'm sure it will be gorgeous when it's finished. And I agree I prefer patterns that have symbols.

  2. Your cross stitch is turning out beautiful! Hope your hubby gets quick fast. It is no fun to do everything all by yourself.

  3. You're not being "knit-picky" at all. That would bother me too! Seeing your stitching has got me interested in trying this new craft! I've never done it before. Was it pretty easy to get started?

    1. Cross stitch is a really easy craft to get started in - low start up cost and it's pretty easy and very relaxing. Definitely give it a try!

  4. I totally sympathise with the IFIHAVETOBE100%PARENTONEMOMENTLONGERIMIGHTCRY feeling. I've just gotten through three weeks of 'why did i agree to this crazy scheme' single-parenthood. It's rotten.
    The colours on black aida are simply amazing. And I love the idea of step by step instagraming. I'd love to see it done and then run the photos on slide show.

  5. Hope everyone is healthy again at your house!!! Stunning needlework.

  6. That is beautiful! I agree...symbols are a must!


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