tutorial: tinsel wreaths

I saw a wreath last year at Christmastime that I loved. It was a simple tinsel wreath with a big red bow. That’s it. No lights or ornaments. Just tinsel and a bow. Don’t even ask me to tell you where I saw it. Instagram? Pinterest? A blog? A random person’s front door? Hard telling. The inspiration overload keeps me from being able to give credit where credit is due sometimes. Fortunately I don’t think I am stealing an original idea (it is just a tinsel wreath after all), but I still feel bad that my wreath idol can’t be given props. 
Anyway. I loved it so much I bought some of that cheap-o tinsel garland for $.50 at an after Christmas clearance last year. This is huge for me because I pretty much never plan ahead for my projects. I’ve looked at this garland every time I do laundry (not often enough) in our laundry/utility/junk room.
Once I decided on my colors and “theme” for this year’s Christmas décor, I pulled out my garland and made these wreaths. 
I’ve been super unmotivated to take step-by-step photos lately, so I don’t have a picture tutorial for you. I think you smart folks can figure it out.
You’ll need:
Wire wreath form (found in the floral section of craft stores)
Tinsel Garland
Optional: tape, hot glue
1. Secure the beginning of your tinsel to the wreath form by wrapping it with a small piece of wire or tape. You could also use hot glue.
2. Wrap the garland around the wreath form. I wrapped mine pretty close so you can’t see the wire form through the garland.
3. Secure the end of your garland with wire, tape, or glue. Fluff up the tinsel a bit if you’d like.
4. Make a bow using your felt. Sorry, but no pattern from me. I just kind of made it up as I went. (How about making a bigger version of this pattern?) I hot glued a piece of wire to the back of my bow and then attached the bow to the wreath. You could hot glue the bow, but I am not sure I will always want black in my Christmas décor so I wanted to make sure it was removable.
In true Allison fashion, I couldn’t stop at 2 tinsel wreaths. Off to the store I went, searching for more gold tinsel garland to make an even bigger, better wreath. I went to Michaels and asked if they had any “sparkly garland" (blank stare from employee) – "you know, the tacky tinsel kind?” Obviously offended, she replied “What do you mean tacky?” Well, it is kind of tacky, but I was the one wanting to buy it so she shouldn’t have been offended because I was insulting the garland AND myself so no big deal. Even after that awkward exchange, she showed me what they had and there was only green and red, so no luck. I also searched Hobby Lobby and JoAnn’s without any success. I finally found some gold garland at Target and I overpaid for it. Note to self: buy more tacky tinsel garland at this year’s after Christmas sale.
For the second wreath I followed the same instructions as above, except this time I added a glittered chipboard letter. The letter is from Hobby Lobby a few years ago. I paid 1.47 for it then, but I’m not sure how much they are now. They still carry them if you are looking for one. I glittered the top, hot glued wire to the back, and wired it onto my wreath. Simple, easy, modern, and a little bit tacky.

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  1. I love tinsel wreaths! I made a couple a few years ago, they're still one of the first things I pull out each year! Though I think I may update them for next year, I want some fluffier tinsel


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