dyed bottle brush trees

I have been sharing pictures of these bottle brush trees on instagram and have gotten lots of questions.  You know what makes me crazy? Seeing a diy project that you know is diy but the maker won't share her secrets. Well, rest assured, I'll share all my not-so-secret secrets with you. 

I came across how to make these while browsing Pinterest (of course). I was looking at someone's Christmas board and I had made it all the way to the bottom when I saw the pin. I may have teared up a little. I've been trying to figure out where people were getting these colorful bottle brush trees at since last year. Of course if I would have just searched Pinterest for bottle brush trees I would have seen hundreds of links for how to make these. Oh well. I like my way of discovery better - it was like finding a lost treasure. 

The bottle brush tree tutorial is from craftyminx. Since I don't want to steal someone else's genius, go over there to read all about it. I pretty much followed the tutorial exactly. I may have rushed a little and skipped washing the trees in soapy water. I'm a chronic craft rusher. 

I got my trees at Michael's in the Christmas village section. The original price was $21.99 for a large bag of them that has all different sizes. They were 40% off and I added another 20% off coupon on top of that which brought the price down to just around $10.00. Not too bad considering I have seen Tim Holtz trees for waaaay more than that. 

After my trees were all bleached and rinsed, I used Rit dye and mixed colors to get a variety of shades. To keep the color as concentrated as possible, I used a whole Rit dye packet in one mixing bowl of hot water. I let them soak for around a half hour so they would really take in the dye. For the lighter colors like yellow and light pink, I'm not sure this made too much of a difference. Those colors are already light so the extra time doesn't change too much. 

 This has been one of my favorite Christmas projects ever. So much that I dyed two batches which means I have trees to last a lifetime. 

Did I leave anything out? Still have questions? Ask away - I'll do my best to answer them in the comments so everyone can see.  



  1. What a timely post! These will look great on Olivia's birthday table, and I was going to start the search for table decorations this weekend. Now I know just what to get. Thanks, Allison!

  2. Thanks so much for this. You rock

  3. Ohh, this is so great! Your trees look awesome!

  4. I'm in love and yours are so much more amazing than the tutorial! I'll be heading to Michaels to see if I can pick some bottle brush trees up on sale ...

    Thanks so much for the fabulous and colorful inspiration!

    :) Linda


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