christmas recap

I’m back. Sort of. I only have a couple of things to post about this week and then after that: dry well. I’m sure once I get over the exhaustion that follows the whole Christmas deal, I’ll feel a bit more motivated to make stuff. Oh, and maybe if my son would sleep past 5:00am, I could handle my life again.
Speaking of Christmas, ours was pretty much perfect. It was filled with family and fun and gifts and food.
We kicked off the festivities with Sawyer’s preschool party and program. As for the program... well, Sawyer put on a show. He started off singing like the little attention hog he is. He was so cute up there singing and dancing.
Then he spotted me in the audience and decided it was time to drive mommy nuts. 

I didn’t get a picture of it, but at one point he tip-toed across the stage behind other kids to sneak away and come sit with me. Oh, man. I just let him because goodness knows I was not about to draw any more attention to myself than he already had. Plus, it was really sweet that he wanted me that bad. He rounded off the night by throwing a festive tantrum at the after party (cookies/punch at a preschool program = after party).  We made our exit after that.
On the Saturday before Christmas, my sister and brother in law came to town. They had a long drive and I didn’t get to see them before our big family get together on Saturday night. When she walked in the door I started ugly crying. Big old heaving sobs. I don’t know how many people saw my little display, but I’m not even really that embarrassed. I miss my sister so much it hurts sometimes.
We had such a fun weekend. I went shopping with my sister, saw the Cirque De Soliel movie, went out to dinner (a lot) and then I cooked a big Christmas meal. Spending time with my family was so good.
Of course, Christmas morning was fun. Wait, it wasn’t fun for the first 20 minutes of the morning when Sawyer decided to wake up (at 5:30) and be a crab. Sometimes he wakes up really cranky and throws fits and makes us crazy. He did that on Christmas morning so we made him stay in his room until he was calm and ready to enjoy opening presents.
Once we’d soothed the beast, we let him into the living room to see. 

I think he really enjoyed the abundance of presents, but his favorite ones were his new wooden trains. I should have bought him trains and only trains because nothing else matters in the presence of those tiny wooden vehicles. I just don’t get it, but I go with it because the things have bought me literally hours upon hours of semi-peace. That’s the best we get with Sawyer: semi-peace. 
Anderson and I skipped getting gifts for each other because we got the greatest gift of all a couple weeks before Christmas:
A dishwasher! Seriously though, there isnt any gift that would have made me happier than the gift of no more hand washing dishes. 
Overall, it was a really good holiday. Pretty much perfect.
Hope you all have a safe and happy new year!


  1. Wohoo for the dishwasher! :-)

    Happy New Year to you and your loved ones! :-)

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  3. Hello,
    Happy New Year everyone !
    Love the Sawyer preschool party tantrum, it made me laugh so much !!
    Anyway, merry end of festivities !

  4. Oh Sawyer. I honestly wonder what it would be like to get him and Forrest together--that should be our 2013 goal. He really is such a cutie. I love the picture of him squatting down during the program. The look on his face is perfect: "This is dumb. When's the after party?" And congratulations on the dishwasher! I should have thought to ask for one for Christmas. I'm tired of washing dishes by hand, too. I'm glad you had a great Christmas! Happy New Year, friend!

  5. Hilarious choir concert photos!! Last Spring my 3 yr old rocked out his first song then burst into tears as soon as everyone started clapping. He then cried his way through the second song while screaming "I want my mommy." Needless to say I made a cameo on stage.

    Newest Follower,

  6. oh boy i have had the same experience with my second daughter!! hilarious, hello and great to find you via pinterest xxx


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