family pictures

We had our family pictures done a couple weeks ago. I wanted to knock out Christmas card pictures and Sawyer's three (THREE?!) year old pictures in one shoot. The last time we had family pictures done, Sawyer did not cooperate. We didn't get a really good shot of all of us together, so I am beyond thrilled that this time we got multiple pictures of all three of us. The last picture is my favorite and will be hanging on our wall (you know, in about 6 months after I get around to ordering a print and then buying a frame for it). It makes us look so at peace with the whole parenting thing. That's the mark of a good photographer, I think. How dreamy can they make our family look? 

I can't believe my baby is going to be three in just a few weeks. Three. Stop it. Shut up. I cannot have a three year old. Well, he's not three yet so let's just not talk about it.



  1. Your family photos are amazing. You will treasure them forever. ;o)

  2. Love the pictures! They turned out great. :)

  3. Oh my goodness. GORGEOUS photos. They are all beautiful, YOU are all beautiful, and you look like the perfectly dreamy Pinterest family we all wish we could be. LOVE the black and white super close-up of Sawyer's face, and the one where you're walking along holding hands. So beautiful!

    (Also, I went to Target this morning, and could not stop gawking at a little boy that seriously liked like a 50/50 mashup of Sawyer and Forrest. His facial features looked JUST like Sawyer, but he was blonde with blue eyes like Forrest. It was bizarre. I was tempted to ask his mom if I could take a picture to send you, but I realized just in time how creepy that would sound.)

  4. Beautiful family picture! I'm a bad mom and haven't had a family portrait done and I have a 9yr old AND a 2yr old. Shame on me!
    PS: Love your outfit color combination! Sassy!

  5. Really beautiful. You will look back on those someday and cry like a baby.


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