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I have so so SO many projects that I want to do, am in the middle of, or have plans for that I don't even know where to start. I have ideas jotted down here and there, I have supplies bought for a few projects, and I even have unfinished stuff stashed in almost every room. I just can't seem to pull it together and knock some things out. Here a few unfinished things hanging over my head now. 

This scarf. I started this a year ago. To be honest, it has been so long that I am not even sure I like it any more or would want to wear it. At the same time, I spent a nice chunk of money on the yarn and have invested hours and hours of some of the most boring knitting I've ever done, so I am invested. It's like the phenomenon when you are flipping though channels trying to find a certain channel and you are flipping up, up, up, and then you realize the channel you wanted was just a few channels back and you should just flip down to get to where you want. But you are invested in the upwards flipping you have already done so turning back would be a waste of the work you've already done so you just keep going up. Weirdest example ever?

I've been meaning to hang art ("art") in our room since we started the whole redecorating our bedroom process. I finally figured out what I want. It involves cutting pages out of a coffee table book and framing them as if they are gen-u-wine pieces of art. So I bought a Disney coffee table book for $25 that I am going to use for that purpose. I have two identical frames that I am re-purposing from Sawyer's nursery that need to be painted black, but since spray painting them is apparently too much work, this project stands just like you see here - propped against the wall. 

And before all the haters start hatin' - yes, I am going to cut up a book. A perfectly good, brand new book. I know that has the potential to really irk some folks, so sorry about that. I never want to offend, especially by simply making a craft. I had a couple comments on my book iPhone dock post (not on my blog, but on other blogs that featured my project) that expressed horror, even physical illness, at the fact that I hacked up a book. People. This is not the Middle Ages. Monks aren't slaving away, hand copying every page and painting every illustration. This book is mass produced from a printer, purchased for a relatively small amount of money. Plus it's almost all pictures so the world is not losing an educational asset. The book I made the dock with was literally buried away in an obscure box in a cheap antique mall. If anything, I saved that book (insert self righteous chest thumping). Have I gone on enough? Have I alienated all the book lovers? I don't want to, really! I love books - I promise. I love them so much that I forever memorialize them by turning them into other things. 

Moving on...

My mom bought Sawyer this stool at an antique mall. The vinyl needs replaced, and it needs some cleaning up and possibly a new coat of paint. Judging by the fact that I haven't made the time to spray paint some simple picture frames, I honestly have no idea when I will get around to fixing up this chair. I'm thinking most likely never, but it's kind of ugly in it's current state and I hate for people to see this at our kitchen table as is. 

Hey, here's a big picture of me!

I also wanted to mention that I have been getting a few comments, mostly on instagram, of requests for tips, tricks, tutorials, etc. on how I do my hair. I am flattered. I will honestly try to pull something together, but I have many irrational fears and one of them is being recorded in front of the camera. I tried to record a video tutorial once that only showed my hands and I panicked and froze up and needless to say, no video tutorial featuring my hands exists. Not that how I fix my hair is that complicated, but it is hard to capture in still picture form. I guess I am trying to say that I will work on getting something together. Perhaps a series of stick figure drawings? Just know that all of your kind comments about my hair are much appreciated and your requests have not gone unheard.

That's what I'm working on (and ranting about). What about you?



  1. I know exactly how you feel, I finally stopped and finished a table runner I started a year ago, it has a fall theme. I am so glad I did, I am knitting a shawl (Prayer) - I usually cross stitch for World of Cross Stitiching and I need to complete that project within the next 2 weeks. Then I have 4 other quilts I am working on and then their is the charity quilts. I have to admit things I do for others makes me want to complete them. I also have to do 8 pillows for the children's hospital also. the shawl is lovely - complete it.

  2. Haha - I love the part about the books. I love your writing!

  3. You're my favorite :-) And I would consider myself a book lover and am thoroughly unoffended by your book-hacking ways. You're just giving them new life, so good work. Good luck finding time to work on your projects! I'm also kind of stuck lately . . . we have so many house projects that need to be worked on that we've basically just given up completely. You know, when you have too many things on your plate so you just stop completely? That. And house projects aside, I literally have three (3!!!!) baskets full of clean, unfolded clothes that just need to be folded and put away, and instead I'm just digging through them every day to find something to wear because I don't want to fold them. Isn't that pathetic?

    I'm excited about a possible hair tutorial--your hair always looks so gorgeous!

  4. Your sense of humor is so much like mine! I was laughing so hard about the books! I haven't done any videos for my blog either. It freaks me out too! I was going to do a haul video for the last campaign I worked on, and even taped something, but it is never going live. I wasn't even it the video at all besides my hand taking stuff out of the box! :)

  5. Allison, you are too cute! :)

    I understand feeling a bit guilty and scared to start hacking up a book, but I actually think that putting pages on display for all to see as artwork is liberating the content to be enjoyed more often and by more people! It's a great idea.


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