we do fall things. see?

The Pumpkin Patch.

I'm just going to put something out there. Things like this are not my favorite. I think I'm supposed to love activities like this - the Pumpkin Patch, trick-or-treating, visiting Santa and the Easter Bunny, etc. Truthfully, I'd rather spend our family time at home, watching a movie or building train tracks or reading books. Social situations give me anxiety, and I end up feeling tired and drained after spending the morning around hundreds of other people and their children.

Despite how I feel, I realize that Sawyer doesn't seem to share my feelings about outings like this. He's an extrovert and thrives on being around other people. He just loved the tractor ride and the slides and the zip line swing. He spent a good ten minutes with the animals at the petting zoo and was so sad when we had to leave. He had such a good time that he only had 2 fits in the whole trip. That may be an all time low. 

Life changes when you have a kid. Everyone knows that. Everyone tells you that you have to make sacrifices, but only time teaches you the intricacies of the sacrifices you have to make. I have to put aside my introverted tendencies to cultivate my son's extroverted personality. Sometimes it's hard and I have to fight through the day with sweaty palms, but I never regret giving Sawyer these experiences. He's worth it.

Pretty deep for a trip to the Pumpkin Patch.



  1. You have such a cutie. So proud of you for putting Sawyer first. You will only really have him at home for a such a short time. And to build inot him what you know is right for him and ignoring your feelings is the true heart of a good mom. I applaud you. Your are doing the right thing. Throughout his life he will be grateful for what you sacrificed and be a better person because of what you chose to build into him.

  2. Allison, you're just awesome. I'm actually a big extrovert, and my real-life friends that I appreciate the most and hold dearest are introverts. People like you have a lot to offer people like me, so don't shy away from those situations!

    And that pic of your son waving "hi" to Tina the llama is too funny!


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