tutorial: diy leather tassel

If you are visiting from A Lemon Squeezy Home for purse week, welcome! If you are here just catching up on my blog, lucky you. Christie asked me to be a guest poster for Purse Week, and I said yes which means you get a new project. 

When Christie asked me to be a part of Purse Week, my initial reaction was, of course, yes! Purse week is one of the first blogging "events" that I followed along with when I started reading blogs, so it's pretty cool to be asked to be a guest poster. Excitement faded as I reminded myself that I am really lacking in the sewing ability department. I am good at pretending that I know what I am doing, pinning sewing projects, buying fabric, and I am even pretty darn good at threading my machine, but when it comes down to actually making a finished project I'm a dud. Still wanting to be a part of this fun week, I asked Christie how she would feel about me making something "purse related but not a purse" for all of the other sewing-challenged folks like me. She's nice and said yes, so I knew I had to come up with something fun and something that would keep up with the talent of all the fantastic sewers out there.

I came up with a little something to dress up your purse that involves no sewing and takes probably less than a half hour to make. If you’re excited just reading that sentence, you are my kind of person. 

I really love how it turned out. I saw an over-sized leather tassel in a magazine recently (I think it was Real Simple, but I read too many magazines so I'm not sure) and knew I wanted one. A trip to Hobby Lobby, a few snips, and a little hot glue later, I had my tassel. 

You'll need:
-a small piece of leather scrap (mine was about 3.5" x 9", found at Hobby Lobby for $3.99)
-really sharp scissors
-a large lobster clasp and key ring (Ordered from Etsy. Try searching "bronze lobster clasp" and tons of matches will come up. Heads up - I could not find one single U.S. seller that had these so I had to order internationally. Not a big deal, but I was in a time crunch so international shipping worried me. Luckily I received these just in time.)
-hot glue (or some special leather glue if there is such thing)

Making this was so easy that writing a tutorial is hard. I cut a thin strip of leather from the top to use as the loop for the key ring and set it aside. Next, I drew a straight line across the inside of the leather so I would know where to stop cutting when making my strips. Last, I cut thin strips into the leather. I just eyeballed it and took my time. Sharp scissors really help keep the lines straight, so break out the fancy scissors for this one.

Roll up the leather and hot glue as you roll. After about 1 roll, tuck in one end of the long strip of leather that you cut off earlier, roll a little more, and tuck in the other end, gluing as you go. Use your hot glue very sparingly. Nothing looks more Crafty McCrafterson than hot glue blobs sticking out or glue strings hanging off your purse. I like my DIY projects to look non-DIY so I just took extra care not to go overboard with the glue. There is probably better adhesive to use on leather, but I have been proudly wearing this tassel on my purse this week and it is holding up excellently. I even tried to pull things apart and things are, well, stuck like glue.

I love it. I could have stopped there. I probably should have. But I was already in the aisle with all the leather and I came home with some leather cording. So I made another simpler version of purse accessory. 

This one is even more simple and I really can't write a tutorial for this. I picked up a few packs of bolts and washers from Home Depot, added in a few wooded beads, knotted things up, and I have a pretty cool looking purse charm. Simple and interesting. 

My favorite, by far, is the tassel. 

It's the perfect little pop of color on my plain purses. Thanks to the lobster clasp it can be easily moved from bag to bag or could even be used as a key chain. I am already planning on making a couple for Christmas presents (and maybe one or two more for me.) 

I am so glad to have been a part of Purse Week! Maybe by next year's event I will have learned how to sew. Maybe not.



  1. That's adorable! I especially love it with the brown purse.

  2. So cute and easy, love it! Thanks for sharing. I featured your idea on my Weekend DIY http://craftsmitherz.blogspot.de/2013/11/weekend-diy-keychains.html

  3. Just want to pass on my thanks for sharing, I was stuck with out end cap fittings for a range of bags I'm making and your simple and rather elegant no hardware tassel has solved my problem with the little leather loop at the top... Thankyou!


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