I feel like I am constantly writing these kinds of posts. You know the ones: "I've been so busy lately, but I have so much I want to share, so keep an eye out..." 

It's true. I started a new job this week so my schedule has been changed and my days have gone from packed to I don't even know what. Hyper-packed?

I've have been so busy lately. Super woman busy. The kind of busy where dinner consists of cheese and crackers and Diet Coke at 8:30 at night. I'm not complaining though. The fact that the house is finally quiet and I have time to chew the food I'm eating makes it feel like fine dining.

It's hard to really share everything that is going on. Partly because I don't want to share too much, partly because there is too much and I get all jumbled when I try to get it all down. My social media efforts have mostly been reduced to Instagram because I am lazy/nosy. There is minimal iPhone typing and reading and I get to sneak a peek into everyone else's lives while I share a bit of mine. It's pretty much perfect. I am allisonmaestri on there if you'd like to find me.  

Somewhere in all the hectic rushing that is our life lately, I've managed to sneak in a few relaxing things. 

Saturday I went to the mall alone. No. Just stop and read that again. Alone. Blessed solitude. The overwhelming freedom of being at a mall by myself was almost paralyzing. I was so excited about my date alone with myself I painted my nails the night before and wore a new skirt and curled my hair. It was a major event in my life, obviously. I started off the morning right. I went to Panera, got the most calorie packed chocolate-y drink I could find and sat there alone and drank the whole thing. Then I oh-so-slowly browsed a few stores, treated myself to a couple things, and made it home for lunch. Let me just say alone one more time. alone.

Sorry for the repeat hand picture coming up, but I want to show you what I bought on my date with me. 

A cute little heart ring. I think the freedom of being at the mall alone made me feel like I was a teenager again because I found myself in American Eagle for the first time in years. I felt old. It's a weird thing when you realize that you are sort of too old for something. I overheard a couple of girls having a serious, important debate on whether they should buy their clothes at AE or Hollister because all the boys at school wear Hollister. Sigh.It really is too bad that perspective usually comes with age.

I also managed to sew a little this weekend. I sewed my first zipper and then I cried because it was so awesome that I sewed a zipper. 

I didn't actually cry. But I did picture myself doing a victory lap around the Olympic track, waving my very first successful zipper pouch proudly above my head. Yeah. Just let the lameness of that sink in. 

I also started a new cross stitch project. I don't know what kind of crazy I have growing inside my head, but I thought that a really challenging cross stitch pattern would be good to start at this point in my life. Despite the tediousness, I am really enjoying it. It is taking longer than anything I have worked on for a while, but it's turning out so pretty that it's worth it. 

And even though I have hours and hours to go before I finish that cross stitch piece, the arrival of a new embroidery book has me itching to start something new. If you like embroidery even a little, you have to get this book. Would anyone be interested in me doing a little review of it? I can do that. It might even inspire me to get out my real camera rather than just my iPhone.

 Oh but thank goodness for the invention of the camera phone. We get to capture little moments like this that would otherwise be lost. Every time Sawyer's tantrums have me feeling like I am going to loose it, I look at this sweet little picture and remind myself that this whole being a mom thing isn't too shabby. I had to remind myself of this tonight after we left Sawyer's preschool open house. On Sawyer's agenda for the night: screaming, pushing down a baby, having a freak show meltdown over someone touching "his" toys, eating too many cookies, throwing about 15 fits, and then crying all the way to the car. He really likes to make a good impression.

That's all I have, honestly. I made cupcakes that were ah-mazing and I have the recipe to share. I did a guest post. I have a few new craft books that would be fun to review. Other than that, nada. 

I'll be here when I can, so (wait for it) keep an eye out. 



  1. Isn't it wonderful when you get some time to yourself? Totally recharges the batteries. And I think it helps to make you more productive and patient! I am impressed you did a zipper. I am completely freaked out by zippers for some reason. The embroidery you are working on is beautiful!

  2. So impressed by the zipper. My zippers are... well, let's just say I don't let anyone look at them. They hold the two pieces of fabric together, but I definitely wouldn't do a victory lap for it... other than to rejoice that I am finished with that part of the project.

  3. I love the zipper pouch! You must have so much patience to do such an intricate embroidery! I feel like I have to do quick easy projects so I can feel like i actually accomplished something in between chasing my toddler! I can't wait for the cupcake recipe!! Johor things slow down a bit for you!

  4. That teenager debate at the mall just cracked me up! Yeah. If that was my biggest decision in life right now! Side note: I can't even go into Hollister. It's too dark and the music is too loud. Hmph, kids these days. ;)

  5. You're my favorite :-)

    Also, just so I can totally copy the Rachel right above me up there, I went into Abercrombie and Fitch one time (is that place still cool?) and made a hasty retreat for the exit about 5 minutes later because the overwhelming perfume smell gave me a killer migraine and the snotty-looking salesgirls were glaring at me like I was an old senile granny who must have wandered in by mistake. I felt old.

  6. Um, yeah, I AM old because when I was a teenager we shopped for neon and rubber accessories at Express. And big HUGE earrings. And pants with zippers (that I did not sew :)

    I actually took a class at the Stitch Lab here in Austin on zippers so I wouldn't be intimidated by them. They don't freak me out at all anymore now that I understand how they are sewn together!

    And I know the wonderful fantastic feeling of ALONE. It is a celebration when I can go to the grocery store ALONE!! I have a 6 year old and a 9 year old.

  7. Please do a review on that book. I'd like to read it. :)

  8. ALONE....it is the simple things in life nowadays!! I got to go to Jo-Ann's the other night ALONE and wanted to skip and sing through the isles but thought better of it!! I am glad to hear also that my child isn't the only one who likes to make lasting impressions!!

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