stitching and curtains

I'm over at 30 Handmade Days today sharing a tutorial for stitching lazy daisies. Click here to check it out. It just might be the only crafty thing you see from me all week. I am really trying to finish up the curtains in our bedroom so I have something from our room redo to share. It seems like I started this room thing forever ago. If only money, energy, and time were unlimited. And if only I didn't hate sewing.

I have one set done and I am honestly not sure how I like them. Since I spent the money, I am going to finish making them and then live with them for a while to see how I feel. What is really making me stubborn about sticking with the fabric is the fact that the rude fabric lady at JoAnn's told me it was not good curtain fabric. Actually here exact words were "You are making curtains out of this?" Uhm, yes, judgy fabric expert. That is the last time I ever answer their never failing "So what are you making?" questions. Next time they ask I think a nice 10 second deadpan stare will do the trick.

I think this post just turned weird. 

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention that I also got a headboard off of Craigslist. Only $10! It has some scratches so I need to work on it, but it is the perfect headboard for our nightstands. I'll share that as well when I finish the curtains.

I'm off to read watch Master Chef.



  1. Cute daisies! If I lived nearby I'd sew the curtains for you. I love to sew, although I admit it's hard work (harder than knitting, anyway).

    Nevermind the Joann ladies -- they are NOT fabric experts! I picked up cotton/linen blend fabric for a friend who wanted to dye it, and the nosey lady told me it won't pick up dye well -- and proceeded to cut it anyway, before I could ask for her recommendation.

    Well, I get home and research it and find that linen and cotton are among the best fibers for dying. I mean, how did the linen dress/suit thing I wore at my first internship become black and gold? (Ugh, I know.) It had been DYED.

    They're just people who work in a craft store who make $8 or however much it is. NOT experts! LOL

  2. As a person that used to work at Jo Anns as a part time manager, the people that work at the cutting counter are certainly NOT experts. It is helpful to work there if you have some crafting/sewing/fabric knowledge, but not a requirement! Very rude of her to say that without telling you why or giving you a recommendation to what might work better. I never gave any advice there that I couldn't back up with personal experience or book knowledge! Hopefully the rest of the sewing will go quickly and painlessly for you!

  3. I'm loving how you're putting the room together - can't wait to see more photos! lovely daisies too! xo.

  4. Waitaminute! You don't like to sew? Really???? But you're so good at it.

    BTW i borrowed a sewing machine MONTHS ago and it is still sitting untouched in my study - yesss......

  5. I have also experienced JoAnn rudeness - I mistakenly asked one of the ladies for advice on what I thought should be a fairly simple question. She brushed me aside and shooed me over to another lady, who was obviously too busy to answer such a "silly" question. I much prefer the friendly folks at Hancock Fabric.


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