the best spam comment ever.

As a blogger you have to make some tough choices. Sponsors or not? Blogger or Wordpress? How about whether or not you are going to subject your readers to those torturous word scramble things or just let anyone comment willy-nilly without high risk security clearance intelligence testing. 

I've chosen to forgo the word scramble and let anyone comment, knowing I am going to get the occasional spammer. It happens. Once it happened to like 30 of my posts all at once. Awesome. 

Still I forge on, brave in the face of ficticitious commenters trying to sell me business cards, iPhone skins, toys from China, etc. 

I might just have to draw the line though. Now they are targeting my son. Yes, my sweet two year old boy with his young, impressionable mind. 

"He is adorable. It's nice that he agrees to go have a haircut. It won't look great if he has long hair. He might look like he is wearing wigs and weaves." 

I really lol'ed when I got this email. I just picture my kid with a long weave on his tiny little head. Absurd.

And just in case jamie stint is a real person (I wouldn't know because I won't click on the link for fear of having my identity stolen through a link to weaves), this is the weirdest comment ever. 



  1. I sure hope that IS spam or it is just completely bizarre! :)

  2. Mwahaha - so darn crazy! :-D

  3. I second that. I mean, I really hope it's spam, because any other interpretation would to just too weird. (and creepy!)

  4. this seriously had me lol too! thank you for that - just what I needed!

  5. Spam comments - you do have to giggle at them. I had one the other day using the word fastidious - I had to be impressed with that use of a big word!

  6. Hilarious! They could at least come up with something better than that! LOL!


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