the start of something big.

I know I have gone a bit MIA again this week. I did share my love birds cross stitch though, so one point for me. As far as working on any posts behind the scenes, that would be a negative. Why, you ask? Well, I got an idea in my head. A really big idea and it’s stuck in there and how I work is that I get an idea, work at it like a crazy person until I get what I want, and then probably collapse in front of a DVR full of America’s Next Top Model.
I’ll tell you my idea. More like a big project. But we’ll get there. You need some background info first.
We live in a small house. Is it super teeny tiny small? No, but it is small. 2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths. We aren’t bursting at the seams, but we have to keep our stuff in check and be clever about how we store things. Someday I’ll share a house tour so you can see what we are working with, but given the fact that I have already begun implementing my idea-more-like-a-project, that will have to wait. Things are kind of a mess. 
So those 2 bedrooms I mentioned above… that’s what this project is all about. Before we had Sawyer, we lived in the "big" bedroom, which is strangely located directly off our living room. Old house, weird things. Just go with it. When I say “big bedroom” I am not talking that big. I dug up an old picture of what our room used to look like:

You can't really see how big it is, but it's not much bigger than what you are seeing there. It was a beige-y brown wonderland. I have a major issues with neutrals/lack of color. Seriously, our living room looks like you’re just sitting inside a big, giant pile of khakis. It’s on my radar of things to change about our house, but for now, khaki pile it is.
So that’s what our bedroom used to look like. The other bedroom was our office/lame guest room. I don’t have any pictures because it wasn’t really noteworthy I guess.
When we found out we were having Sawyer, we decided that we were going to switch bedrooms, take the small room, and give the baby the bigger room so we could have his crib/dresser/changing table AND a guest bed in that room. Because we were bursting with first time parent naivety, we thought that if we ever had a guest, our baby would sleep through a guest being in the room with them and that the guests would likewise love to share a room with an infant. By the way, we hardly have guests, so this whole “we need to keep a guest bed” assumption was rather dumb.
So switch the rooms we did.
This is Sawyer’s nursery (before Sawyer was even born, hence the fact that everything is spotless, organized and flawless).

It worked out pretty good because babies have a lot of stuff and we were dealing with living in the small bedroom and we had a system down. We have just been living with it.
When Sawyer was about 1, we finished half the basement to be his play room. Now we had a place for his 10,000 toys. Most every toy he had was moved down there. It looks like a plastic factory threw up down there, it’s not decorated perfectly (or at all), but it serves a purpose. Keepin’ it real shot coming up:
 Do you see where this is going? Sawyer now has the big bedroom, half the basement as his playroom, and 2 parents that are realizing it’s time to reclaim a bit of their home. I know as a mom I am supposed to be a happy passenger on the self-sacrifice train, but I have my limits. We are the adults, we pay for this roof over our heads, and we have a right to a little of the space, right? Right.
It is time to switch the rooms back.
Maybe (if you’ve actually read all of this and not just glossed over the pictures) you’re wondering just how small our room actually is. It can’t be that bad, you say. Judge for yourself:
That's actually clean considering what it normally looks like. Plus we never make the bed, ever. What's the point when you can't even comfortably walk around the bed to arrange the covers and pillows? It’s tiny. There is about a 18 inch wide strip on either side of the bed that we scoot along to crash into bed. In front of the bed there is about a 2-3 foot wide strip that we used to get dressed in or in my case, have a panic attack in because THE ROOM IS SO SMALL. The only redeeming factor is the closet. 

It isn’t even that big, but it is the biggest one in the house. Since we don’t have a linen closet, it also houses extra towels and sheets, not to mention all of our clothes, shoes, bags, etc. Needless to say, it is cramped in this room.
At first, it was kind of nice. Cozy, if you will. Plus the first 9 months of his life I was walking around like a sleep deprived zombie so I didn’t care what my bedroom looked like as long as there was a bed. However, in the past year or so, it has really started to wear on me. It is constantly cluttered, I can’t relax at night, and I just don’t like it.
FINALLY she gets to the point: We are switching our rooms back. Ohhhh man, is it a big job. I have started with cleaning out all of the junk from our room. 

This is day two of purging. So. much. stuff. I seriously don't know how it all fit. 
We have already hauled 6 bags of our junk to charity. I considered selling it, but then decided to be lazy generous and give it away. I have found that garage sales in general have such a low return on investment that we don’t even bother. We can help out others and just give it away, and that’s what we do. I have gotten rid of all of those jeans that - let's face it - I am not going to fit in again, those high heels that never get worn, tons of t-shirts, purses, wallets, hats, and so much other junk. It has made me realize how much stuff has cluttered our lives, and how little we actually need. More on the “stuff addiction” to come.
So for the next few weeks, maybe even months, I’ll be sharing posts related to our new room makeover and all the fun that comes along with major home projects. I have so many ideas and inspiration and I can’t wait to share. 
For the first time in a while, I am excited to blog about something. Is that terrible to admit? Well, it's true. For the past few months I have been kind of lost in this blog of mine. I started this with the intention of sharing things I was already making, and it turned into sometimes making stuff to share, and that’s where I began to get overwhelmed. I tried too hard to keep up, and I think I am done with that. I am really excited to share what I think is a relatable project. A lot of people have small homes that you just have to make work, and not a ton of money or time to invest in them. Plus, I just feel passionate about this project. I am pretty much consumed with thoughts of purging our home of clutter, how to solve our organization and storage problems, how to add color to our khaki paradise, how to incorporate some of my handmade things and crafts, and how to save money while doing it. I am a pretty firm believer that if you are doing something you love, it will translate to others in one way or another. I am back to doing what I love and I am so ready to share it all with you.
This may be the longest post I have ever written. If you read it all, you win!


  1. I WIN!!! j/k I'm glad you're now blogging about something you're excited about. I haven't blogged in a month -- no energy and lack of excitement about blogging in general.

    I felt my chest tighten when I merely looked at the picture of your room -- I can't imagine actually standing in it! This isn't the first time I've heard of parents giving their firstborn the biggest room, but it still boggles my mind. :) You guys deserve the extra space, after all, there's two of you and one of him!

    My brother's room was a shoe box growing up, and he did just fine. :) Plus, Sawyer has plenty of room for his stuff now in the basement. Glad you're switching back!!

  2. Two winners! Kelly and I can share the trophy. I'm so excited to see your room makeovers! And I'm excited on your behalf for you to have a decent-sized bedroom again. I felt like our bedroom was small until I saw your pictures. Now I am appreciating my decent-sized bedroom . . . it's not as bad as I thought, with maybe 20-ish inches on either side of the bed. Good luck with the remodel/redecorating!!!

  3. I so excited for this series! I definitely understand the feeling that you need to create so you can blog... I always get in a funk when I feel pressured or behind on posting something. When I'm excited bout something, it comes more naturally to blog about it.

  4. Good for you! I'm looking forward to seeing how you get on with everything.

    I've just moved house so I fully sympathise the pain of clearing through loads of STUFF. I've cleared out loads, but it feels never ending!

  5. I love the post and I was hooked on every word.

    You guys (Americans) generally have bigger houses than we do over here (except for the very wealthy) so it's nice to see a (for us) normal sized house. Ha!

    We live in an old house so the rooms are a bit more spacious than the newer ones but we pay for it in winter - it is impossible to heat so I drink copious cups of tea :)

    Can't wait to see your transformations and Darn Right, you pay for it, you deserve the best room.

    PS what size is your main blog space and how do you get your pics so big?

  6. I'm so excited to follow your progress - we live in a SMALL apartment so any space saving tips you have would be greatly appreciated :)


  7. Me too- win win!! :) I love rearranging, even as hard and crazy as it is :) So looking forward to seeing the progress!

  8. You're making me feel motivated to do some purging this weekend! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress, have fun!

  9. Very excited to read this series. Even though our current house is not too small (compared to the 500 sqft apartment we lived in when our daughter was born), I love anything to do with organizing and de-cluttering. Congrats on finding something you are excited about to share!

  10. I win! I read the whole thing. :) Our house isn't huge, but our bedroom is a little bit bigger than your current one. Not a ton, but a little bit. I just did a declutter challenge on my blog to prepare for our yard sale. It is so nice to get rid of so much STUFF! I am certainly a much happier person/mom/wife when our house is organized and not consumed with clutter. I am a type A (OCD-ish) personality and messes drive me nuts! But I am a stay at home mom of two small kiddos and it often seems like a losing battle. Good luck to you with your new project! I am excited to see what you come up with. :)

  11. I win! Our bedroom reminds me a lot of yours. I think it's the bedside tables that give it away. Ours are just as small as yours ;-) If I lay in bed, I can roll over and close the door without ever getting out of the bed. It's actually kind of awesome....in a lazy sort of way.

    We are not clutter people. I like to live like the Swedish...

    Have fun with your remodel!!!!


  12. Girl, I am right there with you. With the khaki house (literally, my walls are "Relaxed Khaki", with the too-small jeans and all the junk, with the finding something new to be excited about blogging about. I can't wait to see what you do with your space! I know it'll be great!


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