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1. We are teaching Sawyer English and Portuguese, so it is always a proud moment when some of the Portuguese comes out. During bath, he held up two "0's" and said, "Óculos, mamãe!" (Glasses, mommy!) Not only is he genius enough to make glasses out of 0's, he also made the announcement in Portuguese. Yes, totally bragging on my smart kid. 

2. Bedroom in progress. I still have two big projects to do - a headboard and curtains. I have a few smaller things I'd like to do, but I am waiting for just the right inspiration to strike. 

3. I've started working out, trying to make it a habit. I'll let you know how that goes. I have some pretty big goals that I'm not ready to announce for fear of failing miserably. Who wants to make grand statements and fall flat on their face? Not I. 

4. We set up Sawyer's little pool this weekend and loaded him up with frozen sugar water. I can't believe summer is almost here.

Since I have slowed down things on the blog, I am really seeing a change in my creativity. I find myself full of ideas, appreciating the time I have with my son, and focusing on being healthy. When I'm not busy editing, writing, proofing and promoting, my mind has time to be inspired. I can really see how women make blogging a full time job. There is so much back work that goes into all this. Since I already have a full time job, I am just working on finding the right pace and balance for me. The time and effort I am willing to put into my blog might change over time, but I don't think my desire to create ever will, so I think this blog will be around for a long time. There really isn't any point to any of this. Just checking in to say hi, share some cute pictures of Sawyer, and let you know that I'm here. Hope you all have a great week!



  1. I'm glad you're enjoying more time with Sawyer! I took a month away from blogging (okay, almost two), by default really, and realized that I was enjoying the break. I'm back now, but it's going to be touch and go. I have so much more time to do the things I want to do and get more blessed sleep. I don't have the energy to do everything anymore, and that's okay. :)

  2. I am LOVING the graphic stripe mixed with that bold floral in your bedroom. Looks great! I'm also hanging with Jillian in the AMs. I'm on day 26 and up to level 3. Dangit, she's tough! But my clothes are definitely looser, and I'm looking forward to comparing before & after measurements on day 30 ;)

  3. That is great you are teaching him Portuguese. My husband is half Portuguese and I would love for our kids to learn, but neither of us speaks it. Good luck with your work outs. I am trying to find how to fit in working out at home, but so far, haven't come up with anything that will stick. At least in the summer I am much more active because we are outside so much! Have a great week. :)

  4. Parabens, gostei muito do blog e de saber que está a ensinar esta lingua tao bonita ao filhote. Cumprimentos de Sintra, Portugal!

  5. Parabens, gostei muito do blog e de saber que está a ensinar esta lingua tao bonita ao filhote. Cumprimentos de Sintra, Portugal!


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