family pic saturday: just because...

Just because I have no other family pictures to share this week. 
Just because I am feeling a bit weepy and nostalgic at how fast Sawyer is growing. 
Just because I am missing our happy place so much my heart aches. 

This is Sawyer's first haircut at almost 14 months old. Yes, we waited that long. Yes, he had a mullet. Yes, he looked like a girl (in which case his mullet would then be referred to as a shmullet.) 

See? It was out of control. 

But we waited and tried to comb it over and accepted the compliments on our pretty little girl so that we could have his first haircut IN Disney World IN the Magic Kingdom. There is a teeny tiny operating barbershop on Main Street where you can make a reservation to get baby's first haircut. Since Disney World is our most happy place, we knew it would be a great spot to have that memory. 

 A few snips and more than a few dollars later, all the baby curls were gone. One of my many favorite Disney memories with my family. Sigh.

I realize I could have shared pictures of our actual Saturday, you know, for family pic Saturday, but I figured no one needed to see photo documentation of the fact that we stayed in our pajamas most of the day, ate leftovers and take out, and watched too much Thomas. 

Hope your Saturday has been wonderful!



  1. Oh, it's hard when they cut those baby curls off. Such gorgeous picture!

  2. Oh goodness! Everyone keeps asking me when I am going to cut Wyatt's hair- but his curls aren't even in full effect yet! Sawyer looks so handsome! Love that you guys got it cut at Disney- could you have picked a cooler place?!


  3. That is such a lovely idea! I cried when we had my son's first hair cut, he had gorgeous curls aswell! He was quite happy though because his Daddy did it. This is the most perfect idea though!
    *Kicks herself for living in a country without a DisneyLand*


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