family pic saturday: instagrams

1. My most recent cross stitch. I'll share more pictures this week, including how I finished it. 
2. Tree carving embroidery I made for a friend. 
3. My favorite way to spend the afternoon while Sawyer naps - Netflix and stitching. 

1. We took Sawyer to a petting zoo. Sawyer + camel = not friends. 
2. Yes, yes I did take a picture of my bathroom. Because I had to document the fact that my bathroom was spotless, if only for an evening. 
3. My hybrid embroidery - half fake flowers, half embroidery. 

1. Napping with a car sale magazine he got at the grocery store. 
2. Birthday roses with a pretty bokeh filter.
3. Trains, trains all the time. Trains with creepy faces. 

Are you on instagram? It seems that everyone is these days. My handle is allisonmaestri if you'd like to follow along. I share sneak peeks of my crafts, pictures of Sawyer, and most importantly pictures of my bathroom. Now I know you want to follow. 

Happy weekend!


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