stitch swap!

I finished my piece for the stitch swap over at Wild Olive. Just in case the recipient reads my blog (but I don't think she does), I won't share anything about her or her blog just yet. Surprises are more fun, so I'll try to keep it one. 

The "pattern" is a mish-mash of flowers from Doodle Stitching: the Motif Collection. I just free handed from sight using the book as a guide. Some of them are direct copies, and some of them are inspired by the flower patterns in the book.

I love the blue bells the most, I think. 

Or maybe I like the orange star flowers the best. 

It was fun to pick colors as I went, add extra stitches here and there, and practice lots of different kinds of stitching. I always feel extra pressure (in a good way) to push myself when it comes to making something for someone else. This piece is not something I would have made for myself, so I am thankful for the chance to branch out of my normal style.

I can't wait for my recipient to get it and I really hope she loves it!


  1. Too cute! All your embroidery posts this week were just the kick I needed to get started. It's so much fun! Thanks so much for posting!

  2. So pretty! I love it! It's so bright and colorful!

  3. adorable!! Love all the colors.

    PS you always take the BEST photos. Makes your work look extra adorable :)

  4. So pretty! I love all the colors and designs you chose.

  5. That is GORGEOUS! You're amazing. Send it to me instead, okay? Thanks.

  6. BBEEEE-utiful! You put my stitching {if we can even call it that...} to shame!


  7. it's so pretty! I want to start stitching!!

  8. Beautiful! Thanks for the intro to Wild Olive too!

  9. This is gorgeous!! Whoever receives this is very lucky!

  10. It's soooo beautiful ! I hope it's me !!! I love it !

  11. I found you through the stitch swap album on Flickr, and can I just say, yours is my favorite of the whole group! I absolutely adore this piece!

  12. Well...what can I say? I´m very lucky that´s for sure. I received all the great "little lovelies" today....and I love it all, it was too much you know....For my first swap I was very lucky to have you like partner, so Thank you so much and thank you to your husband too i didn´t expected to have such a beautiful note in portuguese!!!
    Anderson tem uma esposa fantástica e super talentosa além de linda de morrer....que olhos que ela tem!!! Parabéns tem uma família linda!!! Muito obrigada....Beijinhos do coração....

    1. Muito Obrigado! Com certeza sei que sou abençoado! Eu casei a mulher dos meus sonhos, e sou o fan número um do blog dela! :) Que bom que você gostou do que ela te enviou e da nota surpresa em Português!


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