I've made progress on this mess of embroidery thread that I mentioned last week...or was it the week before?

 I sat down yesterday and finished winding the last of my thread onto those tiny little cards. 
For at least a moment in time, all of my thread is organized, in color order, and looking oh-so-pretty.

 I have so many project ideas swimming around in this little head of mine. I have a couple pages of notes, full of ideas and colors and inspiration. But when the time comes that I have a few minutes to write or work on something, I just don't. Maybe I'm burned out, maybe I'm just completely exhausted, maybe I need to find away to add 8 hours to the day. 

I do have a couple of things I would like to share. I am planning on doing a craft room update post answering some frequently asked questions and responses to a couple of comments that I have seen on Pinterest about my room.

I am also planning on doing a how to cross stitch series. Every time I post one of my cross stitch projects, I get so many comments from people who say they wish they knew how. It's easy and I think with a few pointers and tutorials, anyone can do it. 

But for now, it feels good to get something done, even something as small as organizing embroidery thread.



  1. Oh so pretty! I organized my thread not long ago, I don't have anywhere near what you have! I'm trying though :)

  2. Love seeing all those colors lined up...and really can't wait to learn more about cross stitch from you!

  3. I totally hear ya -- sometimes you need those free to minutes to just relax. It's how we know we need a break, I think.

    I love all your pretty embroidery thread. I think if I did this I'd agonize over the color order of things and it'd take me way too long to organize! lol I just have mine sloshing around in a plastic grocery bag. That sounds terrible! I'd better do something about it. Just not right now. :)

  4. I cross-stitched forever so I have three of those cases full of thread. I know what you mean about having to wind them up. Whew!

  5. I'm super excited for these future posts! I love cross-stitch, but can always use a few pointers. And we can all use ideas for organizing our craft spaces.

    Can I add to your list and ask how you took such insanely amazing photos of your floss boxes? I mean, these should be on Etsy and sold as prints!

  6. this is probably a stupid question but: have you made those little cards, or you can buy them somewhere?


    1. You can buy them at Michael's or JoAnn or Hobby Lobby - pretty much anywhere where they sell embroidery thread.

  7. Oh so pretty!!! It puts my storage skills to shame :)

  8. your organization is great. It will help in the long run. And yes we all need to do something else sometimes for a change so we can go back refreshed.

  9. Gosh all the colors are amazing!! Love this!

  10. It's so pretty and organized! It sure doesn't look like a small task. Looking forward to your craft room update and cross stitch series!

  11. I did this just recently too! A real visual treat with all those colors :)


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