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While I am definitely not a fashion blogger, I have considered sharing an outfit post here and there. However, after the total awkwardness of trying to get a picture of me in this dress I made, I am thinking outfit posts might not happen. How do fashion bloggers get over their insecurities? Maybe they don't have any? How do they find so many perfectly shabby brick walls/fences to pose in front of? How do they perfect the dreamy off-into-the-distance stare? How do they keep their legs tan in the winter? So many questions?!

For now, outfit posts are on the back burner for me. At least until I can get a tan. Onto the dress - the whole point of this post. I followed the tutorial at the Southern Institute exactly, although I am completely sure that I have many more uneven seams and hacked up fabric to show for it than she did. For the sash, I used the explanation that is at the end of Rachel's McIntosh knock off dress tutorial. Let me tell you this, and believe me when I say it, if I can make this you can too. I am comically bad at sewing, so for me to say something is easy, it really must be. 

What have you been pinning and making lately? Leave a link in the comments - I would love to see!



  1. Love the dress! And I feel you on the tan. Everyone at work calls me paleface. Pretty sad!

  2. Love the dress! I hear you on needing a tan though. My only saving grace for not being the palest thing around is that my best friend is a red head and naturally just does not tan. I keep her with me anytime I my arms/legs are bare ;)

  3. Oh, that came out so cute! I love it! I wonder all the same things about fashion bloggers . . . pretty much every picture of me, ever, is horribly awkward and embarrassing. I've tried to take an outfit picture a few times and it just destroyed my self-esteem. I guess a fashion blog will not be in my future. Love the dress, and you look great in it--the dreamy stare into the distance is my favorite part.

  4. Beautiful dress! You are so talented girl!

  5. So cute! I have pinned lots of things lately, but haven't gotten around to making any yet. One of these days...

  6. Oh, goodness! This is ADORABLE! And you look cute-as-a-button, not awkward at all.
    -Love and sparkles

  7. The dress is very cute! I love that it was so easy. The most recent thing that I pinned and then made was a Spring Wreath that I put together this past weekend. Super easy and I think it turned out great.
    Here is the link:


  8. Love the dress! And I totally agree, I hate 'modeling' for my blog... you look great though! I just made a growth chart that I saw on pinterest, if your interested you can check it out here:


  9. Oh my goodness, that turned out beautifully! I love the bow sash too. For the record, I HATE taking pics of myself!! I would much rather just put it on a hanger and snap away, but I read that it's always better to model it. I'm still not so sure in my case, LOL! But I truly think you look adorable. Thanks for trying my tutorial. Would you mind if I possibly showed my readers?


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