family pic saturday: walking

With the arrival of spring and the summer-like temperatures, we have been taking lots of walks. Today we headed out to buy bubbles, pick up dinner, and let Sawyer do some exploring (translate: burn some energy). 

Left: We'll file this under the "things your kids do that you think is totally adorable but no one else really cares" category. Sawyer has been tucking his fists under his chin and exclaiming "Oh, bumpers!" We don't know where the chin thing came from, but we think he learned "bumpers" from a talking train that he has. He's such a funny kid. 

Right: I had to stop to take a picture of these tulips because they were just so perfect. Anderson even asked if they were fake. I wish I had a whole yard of tulips and daffodils, but that would require gardening and actual work, so side of the road tulip pictures it is for me. 

We've had a really good weekend, laid back and productive at the same time. It's been just what we needed.


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