family pic saturday: sisters

As you read this, I am out of town enjoying a weekend getaway with my sister. She is moving in June and I suggested (demanded) that we take a sister's weekend before she left. I actually can't talk too much about her moving away. I am a little heartbroken about it and I get all weepy, but I am happy for her and her husband. 

Once my most bitter enemy, Katy is now my very best friend. (I just got choked up writing that). I don't know that you can explain the relationship that sisters have to anyone who doesn't have a sister. We are each other's protectors, confidants, friends, partners in crime. She's always been there and I am so thankful for her.

I am so excited for this weekend away to spend two whole days with her. No husbands, no Sawyer - just lots of talking, shopping, eating, and hanging out. We are going to Branson, MO, and I think the fates have been trying to keep us from going. Kate has been sick all week, then Branson got hit by a tornado, and I got a migraine last night. Guess what fates? We are still going. Take that.

I'll share pictures next week. They might all be iPhone pics (via Instagram or twitter), but I have more important things to do than lug around my monstrous camera. Like hold shopping bags. Or cupcakes. Or shopping bags and cupcakes. 



  1. How sweet. Hope you two have a great time!

  2. I hope you had a wonderful time! I don't have a sister. I always wish I had. :) However, I do have three girls and I hope that one day they can all be best friends!

  3. Lol, have a great time! The hub, Wyatt & I were just in Missouri visiting my family, we were so lucky we didn't hit any bad weather on the drive down or the drive home. I LOVE Branson, I have family there too! have fun with your sis! xo.

  4. I hope you had a great time. God sure knew what He was doing when he created sisters. I would be lost without mine; they are my soulmates!

  5. Sisters are the best! Hope you guys had fun!


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