valentine's day project

I said last week that I would share some of my Valentine's Day advent I was doing for Anderson. Yes, I realize it is the day before Valentine's so there isn't much of a possibility of you recreating this. Maybe next year? I didn't work on this project with the blog in mind, but I wanted to share it anyway, if for no other reason than to show you some of the ridiculous stuff I got for Anderson. 

 Every day (Feb.1 - Feb. 14) he gets a new envelope attached to this nifty frame I made for our fridge. I clip the card of the day up before I leave for work, and he has a nice surprise when he wakes up. Things like this:

Yes, we play video games together - children's video games. I win like 1,000 cool points.

Yes, I bought him Twilight cards. He LOVED them. (yeah right.) I thought it was funny anyway. 

I made a very sophisticated card. (I also made these cards that I posted about last week.)

There have been better, more romantic things in this 14 day line up, I promise. But as a firm believer in not making people gag due to overzealous hubzy-wubzy talk, I will just keep the mushy stuff to myself.

We don't actually have plans for Valentine's Day, but I am ok with that since one of his surprises last week was me arranging for babysitting and a breakfast/morning movie date. We saw the oh-so-romantic movie Man on a Ledge. We're just awesome like that. 500 more cool points.



  1. Seems like yall are such a cute couple! Glad yall can enjoy Valentine's Day without having to go out. :)

  2. Hello Allison,
    I love the Twilight cards. I hope you and hubby enjoy your Valentine’s together.
    Smiles, Paula

  3. I love this idea of a valentines advent, I've been waiting to see more posts! Love the twilight cards..if my husband was smart enough he would get those for me, haha. Also really like the frame! What a fantastic idea!

    1. Thank you Justine! He is a good sport about all the stupid stuff I watch so I thought it would be funny :)

  4. Oooh, please do tell me if Anderson is Team Edward or Team Jacob?!?!?! I love that you got him Twilight cards . . . you are a cool wife. And this whole advent idea is so cute--I love that idea. Speaking of Valentine's Day, have you started watching Happy Endings? And speaking of Twilight and funny things, have you heard of Riff Trax? Because Riff Trax + Twilight = me laughing so hard I almost wet myself.

    I hope you don't mind rambly, disjointed comments, because I sure leave a lot of them for you!

    1. I don't know... Anderson (I know you are going to read this) what do you say? Team Edward or Team Jacob? Inquiring minds want to know!

      I am about to go look upf Riff Trax now. Thanks for your rambly, disjointed comments! I love them!

  5. My huband and I play PS3 Leggo games too, lol! We were eyeing the harry potter one for months. We've done Leggo Indiana Jones, Leggo Star Wars <-- they were so much fun!

    We might be soul sisters. just sayin'

  6. Oh dear, those Twilight cards almost made me snort my milk... Should have thought of buying them too... But my hubby made up for it by giving me a Kermit the Frog hand doll, courtesy of our local supermarket chain :)


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