family pic saturday: our weekend in instagrams

As the weeks go on, I am not getting any better about keeping my real camera with me. Thank goodness for my iphone camera and instagram (my handle is allisonmaestri if you want to find me there.) Here are a few snapshots from our weekend.

Starting top left, going clockwise. 
1. I got to go shopping alone - new shoes and spring tops.
2. I painted my nails Friday night, a gorgeous almost black purple color. I love dark nails.
3. Begging dog. 
4. It's not a trip to Cracker Barrel until you smell every single candle. 
5. Saturday morning out on a date sans Sawyer. It was blissful.
6. Grandma and Papa bought Sawyer a drum set. uhm, thanks?
7. How we found Sawyer sleeping. Looks like he was sitting up, playing and then passed out. Cute. 
8. Reading about bullet trains. trains, trains, trains...

Hope you all are having a great weekend! I'm off to enjoy the rest of mine! 


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