family pic saturday (on a sunday)

I know this family pic is a day late, almost two, but let me explain. We have had a rough weekend. I mean rough. This kid:


As cute as he is, this weekend he sure has tested every last bit of patience and self-control we have. He is teething - all four molars at once, I think. That means almost constant whining, fussing, crying, fits, breakdowns, and tears. I feel for the little guy, and I wish I could make the pain stop. So, this picture is to remember the good times, just four short days ago, before all this started. Before my baby lost his mind and decided to try to make us lose ours. So, I'm chanting in my head: It's just one of those phases. This has happened before. We will get through it. Breathe. 

Despite Mr. Birth Control up there, I did manage to get a project completed this weekend during nap time. Blessed nap time. Watch for that this week. Hope you all had a less tear filled weekend, and I hope you have a great week!



  1. I hope it gets better, I remember that my boys were cranky when they were teething and there´s not much one can do to help.

  2. It doesn't matter how late the picture is if he's this precious! Can't wait to see your new project!

  3. Oh my gosh, I am literally laughing out loud at Mr. Birth Control . . . that just might be the best nickname I have ever heard! I'm sorry about the teething--I hope he feels better soon!

  4. Love 'mr birth control'. My friends have three boys that my husband and I used to refer to contraception. Then we moved away from them and 'forgot', now our little boy is due any day now. Whoops!

  5. I can relate! Nathan's getting all of his molars now, too, and he's showing us this by acting out from time to time and just behaving wildly at times. I think crying and whining sounds pretty good, although I'd prefer it if it were only sporadic. You know, not constant. Anyhoo, I'm glad you're remembering the good times. They're what gets us through the difficult ones. My mom says "this too shall pass." HER mom used to say "It's just a phase. Pretty soon this will stop and he'll do something even more annoying." LOL!!!

  6. Hey Allison,
    I'm catching up on your posts ... it's kinda fun to not read for a few weeks because then I get a gaggle of good stuff ;).

    Let me guess ... is your son between about 14-20 months? I called those the 'witching' months. Old enough to walk and follow you around, not old enough to really have words for what they are feeling and so they whine and follow and whine. It's not fun, but yes, it passes and really it all goes away too quickly. Enjoy the sweet parts of the day!

    {P.S. My son has that shirt ... love it! :D}


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