pinned it, did it 4: lace phone case

I don't know if I love this one or not? I love the look of lace and I love the coral color (although I am not sure it is reading coral in the pictures), but the fact that it is not an absolutely perfectly defined lace pattern gets to me a little.

 You can see below that there is not too much definition in the pattern. Maybe I used too much or too little spray paint or maybe the lace I used was too delicate.

 Since I just made this on Monday, I can't yet vouch for the durability either. I think before I put it on my phone to use I am going to spray it with a sealer. 

Pinned it, did it week for was mostly a success. As I keep coming back to these pictures I am liking it more and more. I also pick it up and examine it every time I walk by it. You know, to inspect the undefined lace pattern.

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