pinned it, did it 3: knit washcloths

These knit washcloths were quick and so easy to make. They are perfect for a beginner, but also a good stash and time buster for any level of knitter. 

 Can I just say how good it feels to just make stuff? Not write a tutorial, not stop every step to take a picture, not spend hours editing pictures and writing a post. Don't get me wrong - there is a certain kind of satisfaction and enjoyment in writing your own tutorials and writing a blog. Maybe so much so that I have forgotten that there is also joy in just making stuff. In the words of Martha, it's a good thing.
Last week I mentioned announcing a Pinned It, Did It link party. I am going to put it off a week or so longer. It's coming, I promise. I am just trying to build the anticipation.

yeah, that's what I am doing.



  1. Hello Allison,
    I love your new washcloths, they are so pretty and organic looking. I crochet washcloths but have never knitted anything.
    Smiles, Paula

  2. Lovely! Handmade cotton washcloths are my favorite (does that sound snooty or what?). I had never even thought about making washcloths myself, what with how cheap they are at Walmart, until one of Jeff's patients--a sweet little old lady, of course--crocheted some washcloths for Forrest a few months ago, and they are my absolute favorite to use on him during baths!

  3. I make those all the time. My favorite cloths for sure!


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