pinned it, did it 1: magnet board

When I saw this on Pinterest, I took action by making Anderson go to the auto store and pick up an oil pan. I haaate going into automotive stores. It's just that I am not a fan of being treated like I know nothing even though I actually know nothing about cars. Anyways, Anderson picked one up for me. I cleaned it and cleaned it and cleaned it, probably no less than 10 times. It comes with this filmy coating on it that is best cleaned with a grease fighting cleaner like dish soap or Lysol Kitchen (that's what I used). fyi, I tried Windex and it just didn't work that great. After it was all cleaned,  we hung it with 3M removable Velcro strips. 

This has been perfect for all of Sawyer's magnet toys. I have considered painting it, but am not sure yet. Translation: I'm lazy and this does the job as is. Sawyer loves it and I love that my refrigerator is not a primary colored hot mess.


  1. Great idea. Where do you keep it? My fridge is a hot mess. We have that same barn toy, and I really love that one. It truly does occupy the kids. And I'll be making dinner singing to myself, "You put a duck in front, you put a horse behind..." Hahaha....

  2. I saw this on Pinterest too! I was going to ask the same thing - where do you keep it? I always see these great kid's ideas, but we don't have a playroom. Just my kid's bedrooms. I never know what to do with big things like this!

  3. It is hanging in our playroom, and I actually hung it on the side of the entertainment center. Sawyer was constantly trying to mess with the tv wires behind the tv, so this blocks him from getting back there and gives him somewhere to play. If you got the right size (I don't know if they make different sizes), you could hang it on the back of a door or even inside a closet door to hide the mess when you are ready to put it away.

  4. Love the oil pan idea! I have been doing this with a cookie sheet for years. I did it 30 yrs ago with my kids, and now I do it with my grands!

  5. we must be on the same wavelength today - I posted about pinterest dones too - doesn't it feel GOOD to get some of that done?


  6. I saw this idea awhile ago but didn't really know how I could hang it, now I know! And now I'm definitely going to get this done!

  7. Way to go! Like you, I have so many pinned projects I am dying to accomplish. This fellow crafter/DIYer would LOVE to see you turn this "Pinned it, Did it" idea into a linky party. I would totally show up!
    PS - I am following your 'printables' board now. Thanks! I love me some free printables. Now if only someone would make one with the Wuthering Heights quote I love to use in my Valentine's Day decor...
    PPS - I LOVE my giveaway package; it was like an early Christmas. Thanks again!

  8. Allison,
    You are too good at what you do. Keep it up and all the best for your creativity to keep flowing always!!
    Loved your unique work and the thought that goes behind each concept.



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