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hello friends!

Hope you are all having a great week! I'll just go ahead and say that I am having one of those weeks. Sick baby, very little sleep thanks to 2 am tornado sirens, busy at work, lots to do around the house, a couple of deadlines I have to meet, and all I want to do is eat candy and watch tv. Really, it's a major accomplishment just to function throughout the day.

I don't like to be all whiny, but I just want to let you all know I get it. If you feel like you are about to drop dead of exhaustion and stress and whatever else ails you, I am right there with you sister. Can I interest you in a Snickers bar and an episode of Glee?

Back to what this post is supposed to be about... link love.

I am totally loving Lucky Jackson's project 365 Lucky Days. She is creating a new original piece of embroidery work every day for a year. Seriously guys. These are amazing.

I am also keeping an eye on her shop because I just have to have one of these little works of art. 

This article from New Scientist about why we have this urge to diy. I found this read via Young House Love, another favorite blog of mine(and probably everyone else's).

I think I'll leave it at that. Happy Wednesday!



  1. That is so pretty - I like it a lot! Hope your week gets better! :-)

  2. Amen Sister! Yes to the Snickers and Glee please. But I'd probably fall asleep by the end of the first song!

  3. Hello Allison,
    I hopped over to your blog from Andrea’s blog Knitty Bitties. I am your newest follower. I agree that the hoop art is amazing. I wish you a wonderful day.
    Smiles, Paula

  4. It IS one of those weeks, huh?! My little one has decided not to sleep again. At ALL. Coffee it is! I hope your week gets better!

  5. Best of luck to you in surviving the week of doom. If I had your address, I would mail you a Snickers myself. I hope Sawyer feels better soon!

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