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This post by Momastery. It spoke to my weary, guilt heavy heart. So so good I can't even write anything that does it justice. Just go read it. 

Anthroparodie seriously cracks me up. I bookmarked this post because it I can't stop snickering when I read it. (And $798 for that. craziness.)

Did you see this DIY lucite tray by Chelsea at two twenty one
 It is so fab that I might just have to make a trip to the Container Store this weekend so I can make my own. 

Lastly, I wanted to share this post by Michele at The Scrap Shoppe. Please, pretty please read this and check if you are a "no-reply commenter". I get lots of comments and I try my best to respond to them, but if you comment and never see a response, this could be why. Plus, if you enter giveaways this makes it muuuuch easier for the blogger to contact you if you have won. Making it easy for people to give you stuff is always a plus.



  1. No reply commenters make it so hard. You want to reply back and let them know you are reading what they have to say but you just can't!

  2. Great post! Your words about each link are intriguing, so I'm gonng go read each one now.

    So true about no-reply bloggers -- I try to reply to everyone, too, but it's hard when they don't leave an e-mail address!

  3. As soon as you mentioned Momastery I knew you probably meant the Carpe Diem post....it is so brilliant, I read it last week! A great link to share!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing my no-reply post, Allison! The more awareness the better!

    And I love that post at Momastery. Thank you for leading me there!


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