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Season 7 of One Month to Win It started today. My friend Jessica from Sunny Tuesday is competing. So go vote and then go check out Jess's blog while you're at it. 

I can't stop clicking through National Geographic Best of 2011 photos. They are so SO amazing. You have to click through and look at the painted elephant. Now I want an elephant to paint. You hear that, Anderson?

Last but most certainly not least: the 2012 Owl Lover Calendar from My Owl Barn. Free, customizable tiny works of art! I love this so much I have already printed my own and even have pictures to prove it. 

I printed it at home on 80 lb. card stock, cut it out, and used a corner rounder to give it a finished look. It is so pretty and will be gracing my desk at work. Go design your own calendar at My Owl Barn.


  1. OH, I adore just about anything owl related and these are so cute! Love the whole bunch.

  2. Thank you for sharing that sweet owl calendar.

  3. Hey! Thanks SO much for the shout-out! :) I love the owl calendar - so cute!

  4. Hi Allison, thanks for sharing the new Owl Lovers Calendar - you've done such a lovely job of shooting it, my little guy looks completely blissed out. x Alisa


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