family pic saturday: sickies

We have all taken our turns with a cold this week. Sawyer started it last Saturday, Anderson had it by Tuesday, and I caught it on Thursday. Being sick is never fun, but the upside is that this little boy turns a whole lot cuddlier when he doesn't feel good. He snuggled into my side as close as possible and held my hand as we watched cartoons. 

There's always a bright side, isn't there?



  1. It sure is - and he's so sweet! :-)

  2. I'm sorry Sawyer is sick, but he sure is cute!

  3. I'm sorry you're all sick . . . but that is just about the cutest, saddest, sweetest, sniffliest picture I've ever seen! That is the one upside to sick babies--I do love the cuddles :-)

    1. it is a pretty pitiful picture, isn't it? but, the cuddles are the best!

  4. Awww - glad you could find something good out of all that sickness.

  5. So sweet! Hope you all feel better soon. The extra snuggliness is the *only* upside to a sick baby/toddler. Get well!

  6. it just might be the only good thing... it is so hard to watch your kids go through an illness and not be able to do anything. thanks for the well wishes!

  7. that is the worst, but somehow, the cuddles make it worth it! Hope everyone gets better soon...and keep it away from my house! :)


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