family pic staurday: haircut

I finally took Sawyer to get his hair cut. I figured when other kids started calling him "she" it was time. I have no emotional attachment to him having longer hair - I just put it off because he hates it so much and I am embarrassed by his fits. 

The children's salon I found was so much fun. He sat in a train, had a toy train in his hand, and watched trains on tv while she cut away. She was quick and efficient and Sawyer even let her use the trimmers around his ears. We were in and out in 15 minutes and oh my goodness why did I wait so long? I would even go so far as to say he enjoyed it.

Maybe because I bribed him with a cupcake?



  1. Oh my goodness that is the cutest face ever! Haha, he looks so thrilled! :)

  2. His face in the second picture is just priceless! I love it. I've never taken Forrest for a haircut--I just do it myself in the bathroom . . . we're so classy. And I've never had an attachment to his hair, either. Especially after seeing a little family in the mall once while I was pregnant and commenting (loudly) on their daughter's beautiful blonde shoulder-length curls, only to realize "she" was wearing plaid and cargo pants . . . yep. Not a she. Holy awkward! I decided then and there, we are cutting this baby's hair. OFTEN.

  3. Haha! That face! I'm making a note to find a good children's salon when the time comes!

  4. He looks so cute on the second picture. He seems to be very serious about him having a hair cut. I hope he enjoyed the cupcakes. haircutting classes

  5. He is adorable. It's nice that he agrees to go have a haircut. It won't look great if he has long hair. He might look like he is wearing wigs and weaves.


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