family pic saturday: feeding Moose

According to my new schedule, today is the day to share a family picture. Guess who didn't take one family type picture all week? me. Did I take about 300 pictures of cards, buttons, embroidery, etc.? yes. Note to self: take more pictures of your child.

Knowing that I had to get a picture, I kept telling Sawyer all morning to do something cute, blog-worthy, and in an area with good lighting. Why don't two-year-olds get it?

Turns out he did do something cute and in a spot with good lighting. I guess we'll keep the kid after all. 
Sawyer decided to hand feed Moose breakfast this morning, which was not only the cutest thing we had seen all day, but it was a big move for our skittish little chihuahua. Usually Moose won't let Sawyer within a five foot radius, so letting Sawyer touch his food is a big deal. Eventually Moose got tired of the game and we made Sawyer stop. As you can tell from the last picture, he took it well.



  1. Haha - too funny! :-) They are a cute couple. :-D

  2. You're right, he did take it well :D My little one now only does blog worthy things when a camera in nowhere in sight :(

  3. Love it! I have TONS (too many) pics of my kids "taking things well" :)

  4. LOL re: he took it well. I love little boys in their jim-jams. :) Nathan spent at least half the day in his, too. (That's ecause it was my husband's day to get up with him -- go figure.) :P


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