catching up

I'm back! It's been good to take a break, but I am ready to get back into creating and blogging again. I haven't made anything for a week or two now and I am getting the itch to see something made with these two hands. 

We had a great Christmas! Sawyer still kind of doesn't get what is going on, but he does get the idea of presents. He still points at random things and says "Present!". What innocent optimism to see the whole world as one big present.

We tried to go easy on the gifts this year. His big present was a play kitchen, and he also got a few little trains and some books and other small toys. I have such a battle over wanting to get him more for Christmas versus wanting to get nothing.  Tangent coming... Have you read the Five Love Languages book? If you haven't, go get it now and read it. Seriously, it changes the way you think about communicating love in relationships. My love language is gifts - giving and receiving. I love to buy people stuff, so I struggle to keep my Sawyer related spending in check. Christmas is a battle of wills for me, but I think I did pretty good this year.

After Christmas it was back to work for the week and on to New Year's weekend. I already talked all about our exciting night here, if you are interested in reading what happens when you become a lame parent.

Now I am enjoying my last day off work before it is back to the grindstone. Creatively, I believe I had hit a dry spell or a sort of writer's block. The good thing is that I feel like I might be coming out of it. Blame it on too much Christmas, too many sweets, too much mind rotting television (or, as Sawyer calls it - "tee-bee"). I don't know but it's time to set this mind of mine to work. 

Stay tuned for my next post. I'll talk about what is going to be happening on the blog. yay!



  1. Let me hit a bunch of posts at once. The Gosling blog = hilarity. We have had super lame New Year's Eves since we got married, but I'm pretty sure this one takes the cake. I don't think we were still up at midnight and if we were, it was purely by chance.

    I can't wait to see what's in store for Little Lovelies in 2012!

  2. What a beautiful little man you have....he is so so cute! The Jammie's! I think you did really well for Christmas! It is hard because there are some really great toys out there..it is hard to resist...but I do think they get more out of them if they are overloaded....happy new year!!

  3. Aww, such a sweetie! :-) I´m sure you´ll have a very creative 2012! :-)

  4. I also love his pj's :)

    My love language is words of affirmation - does that surprise you? :)

    This is why I have STASHES of cards, all ready to send out some loveliness into the world!

  5. Welcome back! Sweet Christmas Day photos. I have the worst time trying to take nice photos then! The low lighting, it kills me.


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