very merry!

Happy Christmas Eve! 

I was doing so good this week with my blogging, sharing Christmas gifts and projects we had been working on. Then Thursday came around. oh Thursday.... I came home from work (I managed to stay the whole day - can you say workaholic?) feeling really sick to my stomach. I chalked it up to not eating enough or eating too much or too many sweets or too much soda. I don't know what, but I refused to be sick. A couple hours later and a few dates with the toilet, I had to admit I was sick. I called in the reinforcements - my sister and husband - who took care of me and Sawyer and the house. Thank goodness for family to help! 

So here, I am, two days later, feeling much better, but dreadfully behind. Our house is a mess, I still have Christmas gifts to put together/wrap, and I have not even taken a shower today. tmi? 

So, here is one big mash up post of all the things I was going to share on Thursday, Friday, and today. 

I made some of these lovely waterless snow globes I have seen floating around Pinterest. I used the tutorial found {here} by Tidy Mom. I went on a mad hunt one week before Christmas to find those tiny trees and snowmen and that messy fake snow. The stores are wiped out! I did find some, and I stocked up on the trees for next year - they are just so darn cute. 

I also made some ornaments using the same small trees. 

I love these even more than the little snow globes. I used the tutorial found {here} at Jame (the tutorial is by delia creates). They were a bit finicky to get just right, but I managed. They are so pretty and wintry (I spell checked wintry but it doesn't look right). I would definitely recommend filing this one away for next year's Christmas projects. 

I was also going to share something I made two years ago, long before I was blogging. 

My son's stocking that I laboriously slaved over stitched. It's one of those admittedly tacky kits from Hobby Lobby. I know some people hate these, but I love them for purely sentimental reasons. My sister and I each had our own growing up, and I have such great memories of sneaking out of bed early to get our stockings. Don't worry! It was allowed. We would open up our little treats and sit by the heater vent to wait for the time when we could wake up mom and dad. I remember studying our stockings and all the little sequins and details and stitching. 

I don't know if it will be the same for Sawyer, but I knew before he was even born I wanted to make him one. 

 I spent the last couple months of my pregnancy working on this. I thought I wouldn't be done in time, but alas, I did not have Sawyer on his due date or really anywhere close. No, no. I went through 42 weeks of pregnancy. So while I anxiously waited for labor to start, I sewed on sequin and bead after sequin and bead, cutting and stitching and stuffing.

Pretty much I will never have another child again because then I will have to make another one of these. (joking!)

So there is a couple days of posts and projects all in one. I hope you all are enjoying a wonderful couple days of family and friends and gifts and surprises. 

Merry Christmas!



  1. Love everything! Glad you are feeling better!

  2. Glad you recovered in time for Christmas! I love all the things you posted. I love your stocking you made for your son. It truly was a 'labor' of love! :)

  3. I still have my stocking that my grandmother made that is the same kind - the sequins need a little reinforcing on the stitching but every year I wish I had them for my kiddos (we have 5)..maybe this year I'll try it!

  4. That's terrible that you were sick, but I'm glad you felt better in time for Christmas! I hope you had an awesome holiday!

  5. Thanks everyone! I am feeling much better! I appreciate all your well wishes :)

  6. Beautiful stocking! I love those kits too, I can't help it either! The Mary engelbreit sets are my favorites!

  7. With our new "server" I'm able to surf the net without getting kicked off ... Just found your site and I LOVE it! I embroidery (hand and machine), and enjoy crafting, sewing, cooking, ... the little waterless snow globes are precious and I really like your embroidery ornaments as well, Nice to "meet" you and glad you are feeling much better.


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